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Like our designs, its a simple


Not trying to change the world, just make some great computer products
What makes Streacom


Everything we design and create is done with a genuine passion for what we do. At our core we are geeks, PC enthusiasts and designers, obsessed with getting things just right. Not afraid to break the mould, we are not interested in more of the same and if that means being niche, so be it. 

‘You don’t need to have OCD to be in the team, but it sure does helps a lot’

A great product idea is nothing without the right execution to bring it to life, so whilst large material fabrication is outsourced, every other aspect of the manufacturing process is done in-house. From the initial design right though to the final packed product, every element and process is under our direct control.

‘Whilst other brands just outsource, we focus on maximizing in-house processes’

We have great respect for the ‘kickstarter’ scene, disruptive ideas are exactly what the industry needs, but there is a reason why so many projects fail …. experience. Streacom was founded in 2010 but our team has over 2 decades of experience in product design, manufacturing and every aspect of products distribution and support.

‘The right balance of industry experience and adolescent drive to shake things up’

The Journey

So Far

Milestones and key events over the years

THE 2000’s – Formative Years

Industry placements, soaking up the knowledge

JUN 2010 – Streacom Founded

The company takes its first steps, launching the F1C

SEP 2011 – First Fanless Chassis

The FC5 is released, our first fanless case

APR 2012 – Computex Event

Our first mainstream public exhibition

FEB 2015 – In-House Manufacturing Begins

Years of planning culminates with the release of Alpha cases

MAY 2015 – First Full ATX Chassis

Our first product to support full-size components

JUN 2016 – First Passive GPU Chassis

Our first product that supports GPU cooling

AUG 2016 – First Benchtable Chassis

BC1 released going on to win IF and Reddot Design awards

NOV 2019 – First ITX ‘Gaming’ Chassis

Our first 'gaming' capable ITX case

Business Services

Distribution, retail or system integration, we understand the importance of availability and dependability. With Streacom cases you can differentiate your product from the mainstream, offer a higher quality product look and finish or a unique fanless solution to create a more ‘zen’ environment.

‘There are many reasons to choose Streacom products and even more once you experience our service’

In a crowded market its important to be able to differentiate your brand, but creating an entirely new product is a costly process that is only viable in volume. To bridge the gap between generic and full custom, we are able to offer customization of our existing products to suit your needs.

‘Our unique products, tailored to your product requirements’

With over 10 years of design and manufacturing experience, we understand how to turn concepts into reality. From a full custom design to profession manufacturing of designed parts, we have a vast array of experience with material processing, thermal design and product assembly.

‘When you need a manufacturing partner you can depend on’

Where the Magic


Head Office
Rotterdam (aka the Gateway to Europe), The Netherlands
Foshan (the birthplace of IP Man), China
You Asked

We Answered

  • What does Streacom mean?
    It goes back to one of the original plans for the company and the background in media, specifically 'streaming media content to computers'. We have heard many interesting pronunciations of the name over the years,  but the correct way to say Streacom is to omit the 'a', so phonetically it would be stree com.
  • Are you the manufacturer our do you just give your designs to a factory to make?
    Whilst we have never worked with any of the mainstream computer OEM/ODM factories, in the early days we did outsource production, but quickly realized that the only way we would really achieve our goals of quality and maintain control of our intellectual property was to commit to our own manufacturing. Since 2015, we have maintained true independence with all of our products being manufactured in-house, under our full control and management.
  • Been around for 10 years, why so few products?
    Let's answer that by asking a different question .... why do other companies have so many products? One of the reasons is catering to market fads and another is design obsolescence. It's something that car companies figured out a long time ago, if you make incremental changes to a model, you create a desire to upgrade without having to innovate in any meaningful way. That is why so many computer cases use the same frame and just create a new front panel every year. Rather than pandering or jumping onto the latest seasonal trend, we try to create designs that are timeless and that cater to different demands rather than a multitude of overlapping products and features. When you really analyse what is needed for the majority of scenarios,  the argument for a large portfolio becomes difficult.
  • Is Streacom a Dutch company?
    Our HQ is based in The Netherlands, so in principle, yes, but our team is also located in other regions around the world and comprises of many nationalities so we consider ourselves to be International. This diversity combined with our flat management structure are some key reason we are able to innovate and operate outside of the typical constraints of our industry.