The high-end CPU and GPU performance arms race has been pushing power and TDP limits higher but fortunately, progress is also being made for more power-efficient CPUs with much lower TDPs that still offer competitive performance thanks to improvements in their integrated graphics.

Whilst there is no shortage of fanless cases on the market that can cool these lower TDP CPUs, they have been geared towards industrial applications, tend to be expensive, and offer very little in the way of design.

The DB1 is here to change that with a case that delivers all the benefits of fanless/silent computing, but in an ultra-compact form factor that once again breaks the mould of typical fanless cases.

With a total volume less than 5l (222 x 222 x 101 mm), the DB1 is our most compact fanless case but can still comfortably handle 45W of cooling, which is ideal for power-efficient systems based on the new generation of APU/IGPUs that deliver excellent performance/watt.

The DB1 is constructed from 4mm thick aluminium panels, a 21mm thick extruded heat sink, solid aluminium pillars and is made using CNC milling and finished with sandblasted/anodised surface treatment, but despite using these premium materials, processing and finish, is extremely competitively priced.

The beauty of the DB1 (apart from its appearance) is the simplicity of its design that used 4 solid aluminium pillars to connect the heat sink and side panel that in turn secure the front, rear, upper and lower panels in place. This approach greatly reduces complexity, combines functionality (as the pillars also serve as the feet), and mean that the entire case can be fully disassembled with just 8 screws.

This design also allows for great flexibility in orientation and placement of the case, every panel can be rotated to allow for left or right positioning and inverted orientations. The modularity also means that requirements for customization are lower, making this an excellent platform for system integrators.

With our approach to fanless, the cooling is done by the case itself and the DB1 is no exception. Using the same copper CPU shim, adjustable CPU mount and heat sink mount as our DB4, heat is transferred from the CPU to the heat sink (side panel) using 6mm copper heat pipes and dissipated into the environment along its surface and fins which are optimised for natural convection.

With the combination of the universal CPU mount and fully position adjustable heat sink mount, there are virtually no motherboard compatibility issues as the socket location is not a limiting factor and conflicts with board components are minimised.

The stock CPU mount is compatible with all current desktop sockets and there is also an optional compact CPU mount to expand that compatibility to less common sockets such as FCBGA 1667 or even more specialist soldered CPUs.

It’s hard to appreciate just how small and tightly packed some our compact cases are, to the extent that we sometimes get asked if it’s possible to install an SFX or even ATX PSU inside them.

For some context, the DB1 is not much larger than the ITX motherboard it holds, and this ultra small form factor is only made possible by the use of a NanoPSU that plugs directly into the motherboard.

Apart from reducing the space required, use of the Nano PSU has two other advantages,
1. It reduces the amount of heat being dumped inside the case as the AC to DC conversion is happening in the external AC adapter, and …
2. It is fanless, no need to expand on how important that is for a fanless system

With the target TDP, power draw and price point that the DB1 was designed for, it was important to have a suitable matching power solution, so we are introducing a new NanoPSU that can match these criteria. The Nano90 is our most compact and affordable NanoPSU yet, delivering 90W of power with zero noise and will be available at the launch of the DB1.

Modularity and versatility are principles we always try to incorporate into our designs, so with the DB1 we have made all the panels interchangeable and added an option to rotate the internals by 90 degrees, allowing any variation of heat sink and front panel position/orientation.

The DB1 was of course design to work primarily in the vertical orientation as that occupies the least amount of desk space and also gives the best cooling performance as convection is optimised. It can however also be used in the horizontal orientation with the ability to position the front I/O at either side of the case.

The front I/O is also modular and uses the same module as the DA2 so included Type-A 19PIN can be replaced with an optional Type-C 19PIN or 3.1 Gen2 or any future standard.

This modularity and cross-platform approach is part of our wider commitment to product continuity and ensuring the case you buy today does not become obsolete when new hardware is released.

The DB1 will be available with resellers in Q1 2021 to retail for ~ 109EUR / 129USD.
The Nano90 will be available at the same time with a retail price of ~ 68EUR / 79USD.

Full details and specs can be found in the product introduction PDF and on the DB1 product page
It’s hard to believe that a decade has passed since we established Streacom in 2010. Despite having years of experience in the industry before this endeavour, the journey and lessons learnt have been rewarding and invaluable in so many ways. During this time we have witnessed promising new companies fail to deliver on the hype and established brands fall from grace for lack of innovation, so we feel honoured to have a growing foothold in the marketplace and be able to make our unique (some would say niche) contribution to this competitive and constantly evolving industry.

Understandably 2020 is going to be a year that most people would prefer to put behind them but we still felt it important to mark this milestone and commemorate this achievement in some way. Those who are familiar with our products know that with the exception of the BC1, they have only ever been available in silver and black. To mark our 10th anniversary, we are introducing a new colour, it’s been referred to by others as ‘space grey’ but space looks anything but grey to us, so we are going with … TITANIUM.

Starting with our most iconic case design, the DB4, we are pleased to reveal a Titanium version, a colour that we plan to introduce to select other products in the near future. We had considered making this a limited edit run just to mark our anniversary, but it looks so great that we decided to keep this a new standard option. It sits nicely between silver and black making it the perfect choice for those that want a more neutral colour option.

As part of our 10-year milestone and the Titanium colour launch, we have partnered with a number of our retailers to offer some product giveaways. These will be organized independently through the participating retailers, so please stay subscribed to our social media accounts for updates on which retailers and when the giveaways will take place.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, giving us the platform to do what we love. Those who took the time to review and share their experience with others, and of course, our customers that appreciate what makes our products different, we simply could not have done it without you.

We look forward to the next 10 years of innovation and bringing more great products to market.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us, stay safe and we look forward to what the next decade brings :)

It’s been just over 2 years since we released the DA2 during which time it has received many great reviews and featured in plenty of amazing builds, but nothing is perfect and we have been listening to what could be improved, so the time has come for us to address by far the biggest criticism ….. holes!

We are pleased to announce the DA2 Version 2, same amazing design but with revised ventilation patterns on the back and side panels. Both the pitch and size have been adjusted, effectively double the number of holes, greatly reducing impedance to airflow.

The performance acrylic panels are now fitted as standard, further improving airflow and providing additional fan mounting options.

Apart from the revised ventilation pattern, the back panel now features a new single larger opening for the PCIe card and an angled PSU passthrough cable that avoids conflicts with bigger CPU coolers and motherboard daughter boards.

With the release of the RTX 3000 series cards and its radical cooler design, the DA2 has a clear advantage compared with sandwich-style case layouts that are not optimal for this airflow configuration. The DA2 provides unrestricted access to fresh air from below the case, the optional rear case fan removes warm air being blown upwards from the rear GPU fan and even the SFX PSU can be rotated 90 degrees to assist with that.

There are other small tweaks to the construction and included parts that improve the overall build and versatility of the DA2, but in short, the V2 is the same great case but with improved thermal performance.

The DA2 Version 2 will be available at selected retailers starting the second week of October and with all retailers by the end of November depending on the region.
We are pleased to announce a host of new accessories for the DA2 that expand upon the functionality of this already versatile case.

We designed the DA2 from the ground up to be a modular and adaptable platform, one that could be added to and enhanced over time without requiring a new revision of the case to be released and providing an upgrade path to existing owners.

In total we are making six accessories official…..

1. Vertical & Horizontal Brackets
2. USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C Cable
Both of which have been available from us directly from us for some time but are now officially listed.

3. Front I/O Module Type-A USB
4. Performance Acrylic Panel Kit
5. Tempered Glass Side Panel Kit
These are available from today and will be with retailers shortly.

6. Vertical GPU Kit
Planned to be available by Q2 2020.

For more information please visit the individual product pages or contact us directly.
As part of our effort to continually find new ways to improve not only our product design but also the build experience, we have made 3D models of our cases available in Sketchup.

Whilst not everyone is familiar with the use of CAD software, Sketchup is easy and intuitive, with little effort required to master the basics. It supports all major platforms, including web, and the basic version is free, so it really is an excellent solution for bringing 3D modelling to the masses.

We have started by making the majority of our case products available in the Sketchup 3D Warehouse, but plan to make more items available such as our accessories and of course items that we get requests for. Our collection of 3D models can be found here –

The models are all built to scale and are millimetre accurate, so they can be used to confidently test fit components and whilst some elements have been simplified (to reduce file size and improve render performance), the models are accurate enough to fully understanding the case construction prior to purchase. In some cases, layers can be enabled/disabled to show different model configurations such as optical version and alternative heat pipe kits.

We hope that other component manufacturers will join us in making accurate 3D models available to everyone and in doing so help take the guesswork out of planning and building your next system.
We are pleased to announce the DA2 ……. in short
Its a compact ITX case designed to strike a balance between size and compatibility, allowing high performance components to fit comfortably in a small form factor space.

The Concept
Whilst there are compact cases on the market that do a great job of cramming high performance components into a super tiny space, they tend to focus on being “the smallest” and in doing so suffer from limited cooling, poor versatility and a generic uninspirational designs. With the DA2 we created a case that focuses on cooling performance and compatibility, whilst still being true to the size principles of small form factor and incorporating our minimalist design and premium construction ethos.

Same Same
There are lots of examples of what makes this case different, but beyond just the specification or features there is a fundamental difference in the approach that drives everything we produce. Being one of the few small independent manufacturers on the market, we do not depend on OEM facilities and shared tooling, nor do we suffer from the bureaucracy of larger organizations. This means we are not trapped in any specific design path and have the freedom to explore a different approach, which is why our products are genuinely different.

Hello Airflow
How about this for an idea, a case that considers cooling might actually be more important than RGB lighting. There are of course situations when lighting can work really well to enhance a products aesthetic, but its an unfortunate state when they come at the expense of performance and basic functionality. The DA2 upper and lower openings in the frame are a design aesthetic but they are also there to improve cooling and avoid the issue most cases suffer from, lower intake airflow restriction. That combined with the over 2000 precision holes on the back and side panels, plus the ability to support multiple fans in virtually any location, results in excellent airflow and cooling performance.

The Universal Approach
Dedicated bays for drives, fans, radiators, etc are great for making builds fast and easy, but terrible if you want to optimize the usable space and create a truly customizable platform. So when we created our last 2 cases, the F12C and DB4, we pioneered the use of something we called the universal bracket. The DA2 also utilizes this innovative approach with a track that is integrated into the frame, allowing the brackets be fitted anywhere along the sides of the case. The unique approach to hardware mounting means even the PSU can be relocated making this case extremely versatile and customizable.

Compact but Compatible
Being able to fit a wide range of components and build a compact but powerful system was a key focus thought the design process, so the DA2 can comfortably fit a 240mm radiator and a full size GPU, but beyond that its also extremely flexible. With a shorter GPU (upto 225mm) an ATX PSU can be used whilst still having enough room for a 140mm AIO. If you dont want to go the water cooling route and prefer a performance air cooler, the DA2 is not limited to a low profile style cooler and has space for a tower design up to 145mm.

Balance of Design and Function
Design and aesthetic is absolutely objective, but we have considered every line, every curve, every screw placement to not only be functional but also visually appealing. The devil is in the details, and whilst on paper one case might look very similar to another, its those small things that add up to make a vastly different product experience when its physically sitting there on your desk.

For more on the DA2 we have a PDF ( DA2 - Product Introduction ) which goes into more detail about what makes this case special. The DA2 will be officially launched at Computex 2018 (5th June) where it will be shown in public for the first time and is expected to be available in retail stores by mid August. Product page will also go live on that date, link will go here :) …… DA2 Product Page
It’s getting close to that time of year again, Computex is just around the corner and in a break from our usual tradition (the Taipei 101) we decided to give the Grand Hyatt a go.

This year you can get hands on with our latest case (product announcement coming very soon), see what else we plan to release this year, and preview concepts we are working on.

Meetings will be by appointment from the 5th PM to the 8th AM of June and are open to business customers, suppliers, press and marketing partners.

If you are interested in meeting with us, please send us a message using our contact page form (choose marketing and press) and we will respond to arrange a suitable time.

Oh, and one more thing (always wanted to use that line) ….. this is also going to be shown at Computex ……

We are pleased to announce the DB4 GPU cooling kit, our first ever fanless cooling solution for discreet graphic cards. Designed specifically for the DB4, it utilises one of the 4 side panels for cooling, making silent performance graphics/gaming a reality.

The kit comprises of a GPU mount, heat sink mount, heat pipes, universal bracket, VRAM coolers and thermal paste, everything needed to convert an actively cooled graphics card into a fanless one for the DB4.

The GPU mount features adjustable arms to accommodate most graphic card variations, and combined with the flexible heat sink mounting design of the DB4, allows for virtually any compact graphics card to be used.

As with the DB4 CPU cooling, the GPU cooler is capable of cooling 65W TDP with a single side panel, which is ideal for cards such as the ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti Mini, making the DB4 a totally silent but powerful system.

For full details,specification and pictures, check our GPU Kit for DB4 product page

Today we are delighted to announce the official arrival of the BC1 Mini, a lightweight, toolless benchtable that has been designed specifically for Small Form Factor systems. Co-developed with HWBOT, OverClocking-TV, the BC1 Open Benchtable is a community-developed product that has won awards from Red Dot and iF Design in recognition of its portability, esthetics and design prowess. Available in Q4 2017, the BC1 Mini follows the same design principles of the BC1 Open Benchtable, arriving in choice of three colors to match your preference.

Just one year after we launched the popular BC1, we hope the enthusiast community will again be excited to receive the BC1 Mini, an Open Benchtable that re-defines the rules about small, compact and portable systems” commented commented Isaïe Simonnet, Project Development Manager, VP of OverClocking-TV.

Streacom has always had a keen focus on small form factor design so for us the BC1 Mini is a natural progression from the acclaimed BC1” commented Shimon Simon, Head of Design and Manufacturing at Streacom. “We have taken all the great feature of the BC1 and packed them into an ultra-compact form that is perfect for ITX based platforms.”

The Open Benchtable BC1 Mini: Enjoy Ultimate Portability

The Mini-ITX form factor standard is developed specifically to address the need for more compact systems. Today there is no compromise on performance, as more Mini-ITX motherboards are used by gamers, enthusiasts and overclockers in systems that use the latest high performance hardware. The OBT BC1 Mini redefines the desire for small form factor benchtable, bringing the advantages of the original Open Benchtable in a smaller footprint that offers the ultimate portable system.

BC1-Mini: Features Highlights

Ultra Portability
With only 900 grams packed into the size of a tablet of 8mm thinness, the BC1 Mini feature a carry-handle for an ultimate portability.

All-in-One Integration
Main body integrates the legs, mounting brackets, standoffs and thumbscrews – everything you need to quickly set up an open rig.

Toolless Design
The entire product uses thumbscrews : you won’t even need to bring a screwdriver with you. Motherboard standoffs include traditional and convenient pushpin options.

True Versatility
Integrated extension support brackets accommodate fans and radiators in a variety of configurations.

Native Small Form Factor Support
Supports Mini-ITX form factor motherboards, plus graphic cards up to 3 slots width in all sizes. Supports SFX and SFX-L form factor power supplies.

Tradeshow Secure Lock
An integrated Kensington Lock that makes it ideally suited for showcasing and product demos at tradeshows and other public situations where theft could be an issue.

Open Benchtable: Community Edition – Pre-Order Now, Available in Q4 2017 in Silver, Black and Red
The BC1 Mini HWBOT Community Edition is available now direct from for US $164:

BC1 Mini Open Benchtable Retail Edition – Will be available 3-4 weeks after the Community Edition, through existing Streacom retailers.

View full details, specification and pictures on the BC1 Mini product page

BC1 Screw Kit Now Available
In addition to the release of the BC1 Mini, we are also releasing a screw kit for anyone who has misplaced their original screws or perhaps wants to add to their existing table.
The set contains ..
7 x M3 thumbscrew
6 x 6#32 thumbscrew
4 x PCI & motherboard standoff
4 x Motherboard pushpin
2 x PCI screw & PCI hand nut

The kit can be purchases though the OBT website or from the usual Streacom retailers and will be available in Q4. View full details, specification and pictures on the Screw Kit product page

The Open Benchtable Project
Another crucial aspect of the Open Benchtable project is that its design is open to third party developers of additional accessories. Started by HWBOT and OverClocking-TV and later joined by Streacom, the project will allow full access to the blueprints files of this final product revision, allowing third party developers to build accessories for all Open Benchtable products, modify and share their design improvements and more.

Ultimately, community enthusiasts will be able to share their own unique accessory designs and 3D files on the Open Benchtable site for others to use. Blueprints and other design related documentation will be publicly available later in Q3 2016.

To learn more about the Open Benchtable project, visit this website:

Streacom is a computer hardware manufacturer with a focus on quality and a passion for creating products that break the mould of traditional designs. Established in 2010, it has become a benchmark for unique SFF and fanless cases. With the use of premium materials and minimalist designs, Streacom is the perfect partner for the Open Benchtable project.

OverCocking-TV is a web-TV focussed on the production of video content and live broadcasts exclusively about overclocking. Since 2009, OCTV has been pioneering and innovating to push overclocking to new heights. Projects like the Open Benchtable are a testimony to such commitment to the community.

HWBOT has been involved with maintaining overclocking submission databases and monitoring and regulating overclocking leagues, records and contests since 2006. HWBOT exists to promote overclocking at all levels, abilities and budgets, reshaping something that began as an enthusiast hobby, into a globally respected Esport.
When the FC8 was originally released, the trend for CPU location was center/left bias on ITX motherboards, in common with thin-ITX fixed specification, so naturally we designed and included the SH8 heatpipes to match. Since then the trend has shifted and the majority of current ITX motherboards have a center/right CPU location.

With this in mind we have decided to change the stock heatpipes included with the FC8 Alpha to SH2, which for the majority of customers will give better motherboard compatibility without the need to purchase additional heatpipes.

The switch to SH2 heatpipes also adds the ability for the FC8 Alpha to use the HT4 thermal riser in situations where the motherboard has components that are blocking the path of the heatpipes, further improving the compatibility.

SH8 and MH1 heatpipe kits will still be available for less common CPU locations, but the switch to SH2 heatpipes will give better out-of-the-box compatibility with the current range of ITX motherboards on the market.

FC8 Alpha units with SH2 heatpipes have already begun shipping to the majority of our distributors and can be identified by the addition of “SH2” or “CM2” on the printed product label.