Designed to replace the stock heatpipes supplied with the FC8 Evo, the MH1 kit contains a full set of mini heatpipes. These shorter heatpipes have been specifically designed to allow for motherboards with CPU socket locations that are positioned towards the right side of the motherboard (close to the heatsink sidepanel), greatly expanding the range of motherboards that are compatible with the FC8 Evo. For more information on the CPU socket coverage area and example motherboards, see our system build guide.
Number of Heatpipes: 4
Heatpipe Diameter: 6mm
Heatpipe Length: 94mm
Compatible Chassis: FC8 Evo & Alpha
Material: Copper
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Until recently, the majority of performance graphics cards have required no more than 2 slots, however, the current trend is towards 2.5 and 3 slot cards. Whilst the DA2 can accommodate some 2.5 slot cards, the Vertical GPU Kit provides an alternative solution for thicker cards allowing them to comfortably fit by rotating the orientation 90 degrees.

Vertically orientating the card also frees up space at the bottom of the case, allowing the motherboard and PSU location to move there, leaving more room at the case top for cooling. With the included high-quality flexible riser cable, the card can be used in any of the 3 PCI slots depending on the card thickness and CPU cooler clearance required.

Combined with the DA2 glass side panels, the Vertical GPU kit can also be used to create a showcase PC, perfectly positioning the graphics card on display.
Materials: Aluminium 6063
Dimensions: 217 x 181 x 2.5mm
Max CPU Cooler Height: Slot 1 – 64mm, Slot 2 – 84mm, Slot 3 – 104mm*1
Flexible Riser Cable Length: 100mm
Kit Contents: 1 x Rear Panel, PCI Card Mount (1 slot), 1 x PCIe Cable, 1 x Horizontal Bracket
Compatible Chassis: DA2, ITX Motherboard*2

*1 The use of slot 3 requires a single slot card
*2 DTX motherboard can not be used with the VGPU kit

  Silver Black
Vertical GPU Kit


EAN: 8718469091317


EAN: 8718469091324

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Whilst our design language leans towards understated system builds, glass is a beautiful material and we do concede that some hardware should definitely be put on display, so here it is, the tempered glass side panel kit for the DA2.

The kit consists of a lightly tinted windowed glass side panel for your hardware viewing pleasure and a full blackout side panel to hide the less attractive back view of the components. Both panels are made from tempered glass and secure to the case using neodymium magnets, making for easy installation and removal whilst maintaining the sleek, screwless aesthetic of the DA2. The panels are interchangeable so they can be mounted on either side of the case to allow for inverted motherboard builds and right or left side desk placement.
Materials: Tempered glass, chamfered edge
Dimensions: 333 x 234 x 3.5mm
Weight: 772g / panel
Magnet Type: Neodymium, 4 / panel
Kit Contents: 1 x windowed panel, 1 x full blackout panel
Compatible Chassis: DA2

TG Kit



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With the introduction of the tempered glass side panels, adequately cooling high-performance components in the DA2 can become a challenge if not properly considered as airflow from the side panels is no longer available.

To offset this airflow restriction and give additional cooling potential we have created an alternative design for the upper/lower acrylic panels that not only allows for increased airflow but also provides additional fan mounting slots. These allow 120/140mm fans to be mounted directly to the acrylic panels (with the included rubber mounts), removing the requirement for the horizontal brackets. This has the additional benefit of saving 14mm of space, so if combined with low profile fans, provides a huge boost to cooling without compromising typical component placement.

The included PVC NETs feature larger holes for reduced airflow impedance, further improving performance cooling.
Materials: Acrylic Panels, PVC NET
Kit Contents: 2 x Inner Panels, 2 x Outer Panels, 2 x PVC NETs, 8 x Fan Mounts
Compatible Chassis: DA2

DA2 Airflow Kit



USB Type-C may be the future port of choice for all devices, but not everyone or every device is using it yet. With that in mind and to allow for upgrades to next-generation ports, the front I/O on the DA2 was designed to be replaceable, giving customers choice and an upgrade path without having to replace the entire case.

The Type-A front I/O module is a direct replacement for the one pre-installed in the case and provides a single USB type-A instead of the default type-C port.
Materials: Aluminium Body, Glass Power Button
Colours: Silver or Black, Anodised
Kit Contents: 1 x Front Module, assembled with PCB + 19P Cable
Cable Length: 400mm Dimensions: 82 x 26 x 37mm
Weight: 60g
Compatible Chassis: DA2 + Future Models

  Silver Black
I/O Module Type-A


EAN: 8718469091379


EAN: 8718469091386

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The USB E2C cable is designed as a direct replacement for the existing USB Type-C 3.0 19Pin cable pre-installed in the case, bringing support for newer motherboards that feature USB3.1 Gen2 ports.

Suitable for cases that feature our Type-C front I/O module, installation is easily done by replacing the existing cable secured by 2 screws either side of the Type-C cable socket housing.
Cable Type: USB3.1 Gen2
Connector Type: Type-E to Type-C
Length: 40cm
Colour: Black

USB E2C Cable



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Aditional vertical and horizontal brackets are available for the DA2 allowing for more hardware or complex components to be installed in the case. The brackets are supplied as a set (either 2 x Vertical or 2 x Horizontal) and include the screws and nuts used for mounting the brackets to the frame.
Materials: 1.5mm Steel, powder coated
Dimensions: Vertical – 218x13x9mm, Horizontal – 168x13x11mm
Weight: Vertical – 28g, Horizontal – 22g
Kit Contents: 2 x brackets, 2 x screw. 2 x nut
Compatible Chassis: DA2

  Vertical Horizontal
DA2 Bracket


EAN: 8718469091331


EAN: 8718469091348

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The Screw Kit allows you to expand or replace existing BC1 kit parts. Each contains 4x pushpin standoffs, 4x regular standoffs, 8x M3 thumbscrews, 6 x 6#32 thumbscrews and 2x PCI thumbscrews with nuts.
7 x M3 thumbscrew
6 x 6#32 thumbscrew
4 x PCI & motherboard standoff
4 x Motherboard pushpin
2 x PCI screw & PCI hand nut

Thermal paste is easy to apply, but not so easy to remove. Whether you made a total mess fitting your heatpipes or just wanted to do some upgrades, take the hassle out of removing thermal paste with Streacom TPR2.

Our two part cleaning solution makes it easy to remove thermal paste and restore the surface to its original box fresh gleam. Fluid one breaks down the thermal paste allowing it to be easily wiped away. Fluid two further removes any residual contaminants, leaving the surface ready for a fresh application of thermal paste.
Contents: 2 Bottles
Volume: 35ml per Bottle
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Designed for use with our NC1 (and upcoming products too :p), the InFi2 wireless antenna puts an end to ugly externals aerials on your NUC. They plug into all standard mini-pci-wifi cards and are easily fitted against the acrylic side panels, giving excellent range and coverage.
Quantity Supplied: 2
Frequency Range: 2.1 ~ 2.6 GHz
Signal-to-noise Ratio: <= 2.0 dB
Antenna Gain: 4.0 ± 0.7dBi
Polarization Linear Impedance: 50 Ohm
Antenna PCB Dimensions: 48x7x1mm
Cable Length: 120mm
Connector Type: Mini Connector
Mounting: Adhesive Pad
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