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SG10 – Fanless Gaming PC Case

The SG10 is an ambitious product designed to push the boundaries of fanless technology and create a gaming case capable of cooling high-performance CPUs and GPUs without fans. This collaboration between Streacom and Calyos is also aimed at showcasing the application of loop heat pipe technology in PC cooling and represents the first step in

DB1 – Fanless Mini-ITX Case

The DB1 is an ultra-compact fanless ITX case, designed to be paired with the new generation of APU/IGPUs, that is both competitively priced and built without any sacrifice on design or quality. With a total volume less than 5l, the DB1 is our most compact fanless case but can still comfortably handle 45W of cooling,

DB4 – Fanless Mini-ITX Case

The DB4 is a design masterpiece featuring a bi-symmetrical design that blurs the lines between technology and art. Every element of this case subtly screams premium, from the 13mm thick extruded aluminium side panels to the precision CNC’d internal frame, all perfectly blended together with our characteristically understated design tone. Key to its design are

NC2 – Fanless NUC Case

The Intel® NUC platform was designed to deliver full size computing power in a TINY package and the NC2 stays true to that vision. At only 59mm, the NC2 is only 11mm taller than the NC1 but provides the additional internal space to fit a 2.5″ drive. The NC2 also keeps all of the great

FC10 – Fanless ATX Case

The FC10 follows the same vision as the FC9, a stunning design that delivers new levels of compatibility and performance, but with a 435mm wide form factor that perfectly complements any home theatre setup. The all-aluminium sandblasted finish houses a multitude of features such as heat pipe Direct Touch cooling, universal optical drive eject button

FC9 – Fanless Micro-ATX Case

The FC9 follows the same design vision as the FC10, featuring a minimalist curved exterior and exceptional hardware compatibility but in a more compact, mid-sized form factor that has a 30% smaller footprint. The all-aluminium sandblasted finish houses a multitude of features such as Heatpipe Direct Touch cooling, universal optical drive eject button and a

FC8 – Fanless Mini-ITX Case

With a volume of just 6ℓ but with a maximum TDP of 95W* the FC8 is a marvel of both thermal performance and minimalist design. The small, sleek all aluminium construction features a highly efficient heat sink that minimises the industrial look by blending it with the outer curves of the case. Front connectivity is

FC5 – Fanless ATX Case

Designed to complement and match the style of high-end component audio/video equipment, the Streacom FC5 not only looks great but provides a passive CPU cooling solution for the heart of your HTPC system. The high-grade aluminium construction, with 10mm thick front panel, can house mini-ITX, micro and full ATX motherboards, making a sleek and flexible

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