There are really only 3 key points to check in order to determine if a motherboard is going to be compatible with the heat pipes (passive case cooling) …..

  1. CPU socket location – this is less of an issue these days as most motherboards have similar socket locations (other than thin-ITX) and as the heat pipes do have some adjustment, most motherboard will comply with this.
  2. CPU socket type – this should be one of the standard desktop sockets, not an embedded or server one type that will either be too small or too large for the CPU cooler mount.
  3. Component placement – probably the most common reason for a motherboard to not be compatible is the placement of components that might block the path of the heat pipes. Typically this will be VRM cooling heat sinks or plugs, but its easy to evaluate as there should be a clear path for the heat pipes to pass from the CPU socket to the side of the case (heat sink).


Additional heat pipes are available for some cases to allow for different locations and the HT4 can be used to raise the heat pipes above some components

  1. LH4 – Compatible with the FC5, FC9, FC10
  2. SH8, MH1 – Compatible with the FC8
  3. HT4 – Compatible with the FC8*, FC9, FC10

If you are unsure, just get in touch, send us a link to the motherboard you are considering and we will confirm its compatible.