The main reason for the 8PIN compared with the 4PIN AUX CPU Power connector is to supply more current to the CPU. For most motherboards, the terminals actually connect to the same power lines, the connections are just doubled to overcome the connectors power limit.

On the majority of motherboards, it won’t make a difference and the system will still boot and function normally with only the 4PIN connected. The 8PIN would only be required for overclocking stability or high TDP CPUs (above 75W). As our power supplies have been designed for lower power systems, they would not exceed the maximum power that a single 4PIN connector could supply, which is why we don’t currently produce a power supply with an 8PIN connector.

If the motherboard does fail to boot, it is possible to use a splitter (4PIN to 8PIN) or a Molex to 4PIN in order to provide the 8PIN power for the motherboard.