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SG10 – Copper Edition Update

SG10 , Product News

When we launched the SG10 Copper Edition pre-orders, we knew the choice of compatible GPUs was limited, which is why it was critical for us......

SG10 – Product Announcement

SG10 , Product News

We are pleased to announce the SG10 …. an ambitious product designed to push the boundaries of fanless technology ….

VU1 – Product Announcement

VU1 , Product News

We are pleased to announce the VU1 …. a modern take on the ‘retro’ moving coil gauges that were commonplace in the analogue era, featuring......

Computex 2023 – Highlights

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Welcome to our Computex 2023 product highlights page where you can find more detailed information about the product we have on display. It will be......

DA6Game Rant
Written Review
“ the DA6 XL still stands unrivaled as one of the most interesting SFF cases on the market suitable for liquid-cooled and air-cooled ”
Written Review
“ The rather retro and clean design will no doubt work with a lot of today’s builds and attract fans from all over the PC Enthusiast ”
DA6Optimum Tech
Video Review
“ My liquid-cooled PC (matte black everything) ”
Written Review
“ The Streacom BC1 V2 is an outstanding bench table that impresses with its well thought-out design and high functionality ”
VU1Hardware Canucks
Media Coverage
“ Lets talk about those sexy little dials we saw scattered around the SG10 ....... ”
SG10Hardware Canucks
Media Coverage
“ OK everybody, mind is = to BLOWN! .... It's been a pretty slow Computex so far but far the coolest product, as a passive cooling en ”
VU1 Gear Seekers
Media Coverage
“ each one of these screens is a tiny e-ink display ..... e-ink is seriously cool, it just looks like paper ”
SG10Gamers Nexus
Media Coverage
“ So this is super cool, we are Computex 2023, at the Streacom booth ..... this is a fully passive case ”