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BC1 Mini V2

Product Introduction

Introduction to the BC1 Mini V2 The BC1 Mini V2 is the follow up to the original BC1, an open-source benchtable with a design focus on portability, consequently making it extremely compact with a unique approach to assembly and component storage. Overview ...

Install the Feet

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Remove the Feet Loosen thumbscrew to remove feet Remove standoffs as required The first step in assembly is removing the feet from the body. They are secured using the two 6#32 thumbscrews at the top of each foot. There is no need to fully remove the screws, simply loos...

Fit the PSU

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Fitting an SFX PSU SFX PSU Use the included 6#32 thumbscrews 6#32 thumbscrews The PSU fits directly to the foot of the BC1. Whilst is can in principle be installed on either side, the typical position is on the foot at the top side of the body (where the inte...

Fit 2.5″ Drives

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Preparation for fitting drives M3 thumbscrews used for 2.5" drives 2 slots are available 2 slots are available Whilst the majority of systems are now using M.2 drives, the BC1 can still accommodate 2 x 2.5" drives.There are 2 slots (or 4, depending on how you...

Fit the Motherboard

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Motherboard Size ITX Mini-DTX The BC1 Mini was designed to accommodate a MINI-ITX size motherboard but it can also be used with MINI-DTX motherboards.Standoffs will need to be fitted to the 4 positions corresponding to the ITX motherboard standard mounting points.Both p...

Fit a PCIe Card

Expansion Card Support PCIe Socket PCIe Support Support Screw area The BC1 Mini has a total of 3 PCI support positions. When used with a Mini-ITX motherboard, this will allow a single, double or triple-slot card to be secured. With a Mini-DTX motherboard, a single + dou...

Using the Brackets

Introduction to Brackets M3 Thumbscrew M3 Nut Brackets are a way of mounting additional hardware such as fans and radiators to the sides of the BC1. There are a total of 8 brackets included that are stored in pairs (4 pairs). Each bracket can be used individually or com...
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