Fit 2.5″ Drives

Preparation for fitting drives

M3 thumbscrews used for 2.5" drives

2 slots are available

2 slots are available

Whilst the majority of systems are now using M.2 drives, the BC1 can still accommodate 2 x 2.5″ drives.

There are 2 slots (or 4, depending on how you perceive them) that are dedicated to fitting the 2.5″ drives.

The slots are wide to allow for some lateral adjustment in the position. The included M3 thumbscrews should be used to mount the drives to the BC1.

Installing the drives

2.5" drive

M3 Thumbscrew

Position the drive vertically under the table and align it with either of the slots (depending on which you plan to use). Use the M3 thumbscrews to secure the drive directly to the underside of the table.

There are 2 slots for a total of 2 drives, 2 x 2.5″

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