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Fit the Motherboard

Motherboard Size



The BC1 Mini was designed to accommodate a MINI-ITX size motherboard but it can also be used with MINI-DTX motherboards.

Standoffs will need to be fitted to the 4 positions corresponding to the ITX motherboard standard mounting points.

Both pushpin and M3 screw type standoffs can be used depending on your requirement.

Install the Standoffs

PushPin Standoff

M3 Standoffs can also be used

Install either the pushpin or M3  standoffs in the appropriate motherboard mounting locations by hand tightening them.

Pushpin standoffs can be use for quick and easy tooless motherboard installation. M3 standoffs can be used for a more secure permanent installation. A combination of both can be used for easy installation with added security.

Install the Motherboard

ITX Motherboard

Ensure once again that the correct holes have been used for the standoffs, then lower the motherboard onto them.If using the pushpin standoffs, give a firm push until yo feel the motherboard ‘click’ into place.If using the M3 standoffs, M3 screws should be used to secure the motherboard to them.

Don't forget to fit any CPU cooler retention hardware to the back of the motherboard before fitting it to the table
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