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Install the Feet

Remove the Feet

Loosen thumbscrew to remove feet

Remove standoffs as required

The first step in assembly is removing the feet from the body. They are secured using the two 6#32 thumbscrews at the top of each foot. There is no need to fully remove the screws, simply loosen them and the feet should drop away from the body. Depending on the motherboard and expansion card you plan to install, you can remove the appropriate number of standoffs from the feet in preparation for them.

Standoffs can still be removed from the feet at any time, so its not as issue if you don't take the right ones off the feet now.

Attach the feet

6#32 Thumbscrews

Mounting Point

To install the feet, fully remove the 6#32 screws from the top of the feet, position them to align with the correct holes at either side of the body, then use those same screws to attach them to the body.

The feet are identical and symmetrical so it doesn't matter which one is used at each side or which way round they are installed.
Whist it is enough to hand tighten these thumbscrews, using a screwdriver for extra torque is recommended for a more secure assembly.
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