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Using the Brackets

Introduction to Brackets

M3 Thumbscrew

M3 Nut

Brackets are a way of mounting additional hardware such as fans and radiators to the sides of the BC1. There are a total of 8 brackets included that are stored in pairs (4 pairs). Each bracket can be used individually or combined depending on the mounting requirement of the components being attached.

Individually the thickness of the bracket is 2.5mm and when used in a pair, its 5mm. This is useful when needed to account for the length of a screw.

Each bracket has 2 circular holes used for mounting to the body and the hardware being fitter. There is also a rectangular notch and matching cutout designed to lock the individual brackets into a pair.

Each pair also includes an M3 thumbscrew and a matching nut. These are used to fit the brackets to the body. The nut is designed to fit inside cutouts on the body, there are a total of 10 along the edge.

Placement of Brackets

Bracket Mounting Point

Bracket Mounting Point

Bracket Mounting Point

Bracket Mounting Point

Bracket Mounting Point

Bracket Mounting Point

Additional M3 thumbscrew and nuts

The brackets are stored in pairs along the inside cutout of the body. To use the brackets to mount hardware along the side of the BC1, they need to be removed from the storage position and mounted to any of the 6 outer locations along the left, right and front edges of the BC1.

Using the Brackets

Fit the Bracket

Once you decide where you want to mount the hardware, fit the bracket to the mounting point by sliding it upwards so that the nut fits into the cutout and the bracket sits flush with the edge of the body.

Secure the Bracket

In most scenarios, the hardware will be fitted so that it mounts above the body, so pivot the bracket upwards and secure it by tightening the thumbscrew. You don’t need to over tighten as you will need to make adjustments later for the spacing.

Add more brackets and Adjust

Depending on the size of the hardware being fitted, you will need to add additional brackets to other mounting points. Brackets can be used combined or individually depending on how many mounting points are needed.

Mount the Hardware

With the approximate spacing adjusted, the hardware can be attached to the bracket. Typically this will be done using the mount screws supplied with the hardware but it is also possible to use the thumbscrews if compatible.

Once everything it fitted, all screws can be fully tightened to ensure the brackets and hardware do not move.

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