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Fit PCIe Cards

Expansion Card Support

PCIe Socket

PCIe Support Support Screw area

The BC1 has a total of 7 positions where the PCIe support screws can be used that correspond to the expansion sockets on the motherboard.

Install Support Screws

PCIe Support Screw

M3 Standoff

M3 Nut

Before fitting the expansion card, install the PCIe support screws. They must be installed in conjunction with the M3 standoffs in order to achieve the correct height. Position and install the standoffs then screw the support screws into them. The nut at the top of the screw should be removed before fitting the card.

Fit the Card

M3 Nuts

Expansion Card (GPU)

Lower the card onto the motherboard, alighting it with both the socket and ensuring the tops of the support screw match with the mounting holes of the card.

Once the card is properly seated in the socket, use the M3 nuts to secure it to the PCIe support screws.

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