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Product Introduction

Introduction to the BC1 V2

The BC1 V2 is the follow up to the original BC1, an open-source benchtable with a design focus on portability, consequently making it extremely compact with a unique approach to assembly and component storage.


Bracket Mounting Point (x10)

PCIe Support Screw (x4)

Drive Mounting Slots (x2)

PCIe Support Screw Mounting Holes (x7)

6#32 Thumbscrews (x6)

Integrated Carry Handle


M3 Standoffs (x8)

Vertical Mode Screw Point

Integrated Carry Handle (Horizontal)

Brackets (x8)

PushPin Standoff (x8)

M3 Standoff (x6)

Whilst the BC1 was specifically designed to accommodate a standard ATX size motherboard, due to its open design, larger motherboards can be used but may limit the use of brackets (if the motherboard extends beyond the edge of the BC1)

Parts in more detail

The BC1 V2 consists of the following key parts

The Body

Machined from a single block of aluminium

This is the main body of the BC1 to which every other part is fitted. It’s machined from a solid block of aluminium and acts both as the main platform to which the hardware is attached and the storage point for all the other parts.

The Feet

6#32 Threaded Hole to secure they foot

Rubber pad for securing to body

Rubber Pad to prevent slip

M3 thread for storing standoffs

Slots and holes for PSU mounting

The feet of the BC1 server 3 function, firstly, they are the feet, they are also used to store the motherboard and PCIe standoffs and its used for mounting the PSU


Combined thickness of 5mm

Individual thickness of 2.5mm

Brackets are used to mount additional hardware such as AIO radiators and fans to the body. There are a total of 8 individual brackets that comprise of 4 interlocking pairs. They can be used individually or combined depending on usage requirements.


M3 Standoff

PushPin Standoff

There are 2 types of standoff supplied with the BC1, 8 of each type, one that accepts M3 screws and the pushpin type that is designed specifically to easily secure the motherboard. The M3 standoffs are used in combination with the PCIe screws to secure expansion cards but can also be used to secure the motherboard with screws (instead of just the pushpins)


M3 Thumbscrew (Straight Line Grip)

6#32 Thumbscrew (Crosshatch Grip)

There are 2 types of thumbscrew included with the BC1, M3 and 6#32 thread. 6 of each are stored on either side of the BC1 but there are an additional 4 x M3 that are used to secure the brackets and 4 x 6#32 to secure the feet. In addition to the thumbscrews there are matching nuts that are secured to the body. These can be removed if needed to provide additional fixing points. The different grip pattern allows you to easily differentiate between the M3 and 6#32 threads.

PCIe Support Screws

Extended length M3 Screw

M3 Thumb Nut

M3 Thread

There are a total of 4 x PCIe support screws supplied with the BC1 and they comprise of a extended length screw and 2 x M3 nuts, one of which is permanently attached to the screw and the other which is used to secure the expansion card. These support screws are designed to be used in conjunction with the M3 standoffs to provide the correct height relative to the motherboard.

As part of our efforts to reduce the use of materials that have a negative impact on the environment, we no longer include any plastic washers on any of the screws
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