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Product Introduction

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Preface to our Online Guides As part of our efforts to deliver the best product, service and user experience, we have always produced a clear and comprehensive PRINTED user guide. As the company matures, we must also consider our broader role as a manufacturer and wider issues such as the enviro...

Universal Brackets

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The Universal Brackets Steel Rod Bracket Mount UB Washer Hex 6#32 Screw The DA6 features universal brackets that allow things such as PSUs, Fans, Drives or pretty much anything to be fitted to the case. Each bracket consists of 2 each of .....Steel...

Fitting a PSU

PSU Options The DA6 supports SFX, SFX-L and ATX PSUs that are fitted to the frame using the universal brackets. The typical location that will suit the majority of builds is to place the PSU in a vertical orientation above the motherboard, but in principle, it can be moved to a different positio...

Fitting the Motherboard

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Prepare the Motherboard RAM CPU M.2 Whilst all of these can be done later, we suggest installing the CPU, RAM and M.2 storage to the motherboard prior to fitting it into the case. If your CPU cooler requires some additional mounting hardware, this can also be...

Installing a GPU

Riser Cable Requirement The DA6 is a sandwich layout design which means a riser card is required. We do NOT include a cable with the case for a number of reasons such as the different PCI Gens (V3, V4, V5) and because some customers may already have a usable riser cable. We do however offer a co...

IO Modules

Module Placement Top Panel, Location #3 Top Panel, Location #2 Bottom Panel, Location #1 The DA6 features 3 locations where IO modules can be fitted, 1 on the bottom panel and 2 on the top panel. By default a single IO module (power + usb) is fitted to the bo...

Vertical & Horizontal Use

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Case Orientation Horizontal Vertical The DA6 is without question a case designed to be used in a vertical orientation but it can still be used horizontally by resting it on its side. Regardless of which orientation you choose, protective clips should be used on either t...

Cable Management

The Cable Management Bracket Universal Bracket Cable Management Bracket Cable Tie As with most compact cases, cable management is challenging because of the limited space and lack of dedicated cable compartments. With the DA6, this is further complicated due ...
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