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Cable Management

The Cable Management Bracket

Universal Bracket

Cable Management Bracket

Cable Tie

As with most compact cases, cable management is challenging because of the limited space and lack of dedicated cable compartments. With the DA6, this is further complicated due to the lack of side panels which means there is no hiding space for any cable mess. The best solution is always going to be custom cables but we still include a method for keeping cables tidy and routing them in the case, the ‘cable management bracket’.

The cable management bracket comprises of 2 steel rods (same material as the universal brackets) that attach to the universal brackets but in a vertical orientation, providing mounting points along the bracket for cables to be secured to it with the use of cable ties.

Anatomy of the Brackets

The basic assembled bracket comprises of the 2 steel rods that are held together with the cable tie mounting blocks and the UB washer.

In the exploded view you can see how the various parts are used to form the assembly. This should be fairly intuitive but worth pointing out that where the universal and cable brackets meet, 2 washers are used, one on either side to lock them together. The screws used are also different, they are M4 and feature 2 lengths, 8mm and 10mm.

The DA6 is designed to rest on the steel tubes and whilst these are robust, depending on the safe its being placed on, it is recommended to use the included silicon clips. These will serve to protect the surface of the tubes and/or the desktop surface the case is placed on and provide additional grip and vibration dampening.

Depending on the orientation of the case, they can either be fitted to the steel tubes or to the top/bottom panel along the edge

When new, the silicon clips have an opening that is small enough to grip the top/bottom panel. If they are attached to the tubes, this gap will be stretched and will no longer grip the top/bottom panel. It is therefore recommended to decide which orientation the case will be used it prior to fitting them.

Example Usage


ATX 24PIN Cable

Typically the primary cables that will need to be considered are the power cables running from the PSU to the motherboard and GPU. The GPU power connectors should be easier to manage as they will likely be close to the PSU but the motherboard ATX 24Pin and AUX 4/8Pin will benefit the most from using the cable management bracket.

As can be seen in the example image, the bracket location can be adjusted to match the best routing path and the cable ties can be used to bundle and secure the cable in place.
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