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Fitting a PSU

PSU Options

The DA6 supports SFX, SFX-L and ATX PSUs that are fitted to the frame using the universal brackets. The typical location that will suit the majority of builds is to place the PSU in a vertical orientation above the motherboard, but in principle, it can be moved to a different position or side of the case should it be required for your build.

Typical SFX location, full length available for the GPU.
Can be offset to the right to give better GPU clearance (for cooling)

Horizontal SFX orientation, gives more clearance above the motherboard

Typical location and orientation for an ATX PSU, full length available for the GPU

ATX in a horizontal orientation, provides more motherboard clearance

Universal Bracket for PSU

Universal Bracket Inner Orientation

6#32 PSU Spacer

Universal Bracket Washer

6#32 Screw

The PSU will be fitted to the case using the universal brackets.

The DA6 includes some 6#32 spacers that are designed to give clearance on PSUs that have a socket or switch location that conflicts with the bracket.

Fitting the PSU

SFX PSUs will typically be attached to the brackets using 4 x 6#32 screws, one at each corner. Most will not require the additional spacer.

ATX PSUs will typically be secured using 3 x 6#32 screws when fitted vertically and 4 if fitted horizontally. For most designs, the 6#32 spacer will be required

Keep screws loose to adjust the position

IEC Socket (PSU Power)

The brackets should be attached to the frame prior to attaching the PSU. Keep the screws loose so that adjustment can be made to properly align the PSU holes. Once the PSU is secured to the brackets, final adjustment can be made to the location, then tighten all the screws to lock the position.

With the PSU secured, the pass-through power cable can be attached.

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