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Fitting the Motherboard

Prepare the Motherboard




Whilst all of these can be done later, we suggest installing the CPU, RAM and M.2 storage to the motherboard prior to fitting it into the case. If your CPU cooler requires some additional mounting hardware, this can also be done at this time. Please consult the user guides supplied with these components for details.

Install the motherboard

Fit the I/O Shield

if your motherboard includes a separate IO shield, this should be installed in to the case prior to the motherboard. Ensure the correct orientation and place it as shown in the opening.

Fit the motherboard

Position the motherboard with the ports facing down into the IO shield ensuring the 4 mounting holes align with the 4 standoffs on the posts of the case.

Secure the motherboard

Using the supplied PTC-M3x5 screws, secure the motherboard in place

Some motherboard don't have a separate IO shield, instead its integrated into the IO shroud so step 1 can be omitted.
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