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IO Modules

Module Placement

Top Panel, Location #3

Top Panel, Location #2

Bottom Panel, Location #1

The DA6 features 3 locations where IO modules can be fitted, 1 on the bottom panel and 2 on the top panel. By default a single IO module (power + usb) is fitted to the bottom panel.

Module Options

This is the default module supplied with the DA6

Power button and Type-C to 19PIN

Power button and Type-A to 19PIN

Duel Type-A to 19PIN port

Type-A to 19PIN port + Type-C to (19PIN or E)

Duel Type-C to (19PIN or E)

Other sub-components such as Type-E and Biometic Module

There are currently 5 modules to choose from but we will continue to expand on these based on new standards and user feedback. In addition to the modules there are also sub-options such as the type of cable (for Type-C there is 19PIN or E) and a new biometric module that replaces the existing glass power button with a Windows Hello fingerprint sensor.

The case includes 8 brackets, all of which come pre-fitted to the case (2 on each side), so you will be able to see how they attach right out of the box

Fitting the Modules

Bottom Panel

IO Module

HEX Screw + Washer

The default module comes pre-installed on the bottom panel but the same applies to all location with the installation procedure simply being the reverse of the removal.

The module is secured to the panel with 2 HEX screws and nylon washers, simply remove both screws and the module will be free to come away from the panel.

To install a module, reverse the procedure, place the module into the panel cutout and secure it with the 2 screws and washers.

You may need to angle the module to allow the cable to pass or if easier, remove the cable from the module.
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