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Universal Brackets

The Universal Brackets

Steel Rod

Bracket Mount

UB Washer

Hex 6#32 Screw

The DA6 features universal brackets that allow things such as PSUs, Fans, Drives or pretty much anything to be fitted to the case. Each bracket consists of 2 each of …..

  • Steel Rod – these form the main structure of the bracket and secure to the tubes. They also feature a silicone sleeve to avoid damage to the tubes.
  • Tube Mount – fit at either side of the bracket assembly, against the tubes and connect the rods to each other
  • Washers – specially designed to secure the rods, additional ones are used to attach parts to the bracket
  • Screws – Used to secure all the different parts that form the bracket together and compress the rods to lock them against the tubes.

Attaching the Brackets

The 4 main tubes that run vertically act as the ‘tracks or rails’ along which the universal brackets attach to. They can be fitted with the rods orientated either internally or externally depending on how the component being fitted will be placed.Whilst they are free to be placed anywhere along the tubes, some positions may be blocked due to the motherboard or GPU and even other brackets as they can not occupy the same location on the tube.

Note that regardless of the orientation, the mounts maintain the same orientation with the screws accessible from the outside.

The case includes 8 brackets, all of which come pre-fitted to the case (2 on each side), so you will be able to see how they attach right out of the box

Attaching Hardware to the Brackets

There are 2 main ways to attach hardware to the bracket …
1. Using the washers + screws
2. Sandwich the rods between 2 components

Washers will be the primary choice for fitting hardware to the brackets. They provide a fixing point for the hardware and keep it centered between the rods. The washers have a hole diameter of 4mm so all screws up to that thread size can be used.

Here is an example for fitting a 3.5″ drive. The drive is secured to the bracket as shown using a washer and screw. For 3.5″ drives, 6#32 screws are used, for 2.5″ drives, M3 screws are used, both are supplied with the case. A minimum of 2 brackets and 2 fixing points on the drive should be used.

Fans of any size (up to 140mm) can be fitted to the brackets. Standard 7#32 screws are too large to be used with the washer so we recommend using silicon fan mounts, 8pcs are included with the case. Fit the washer to the silicon fan mount then use it to secure the fan to the bracket.

Here is an example of using components either side of the bracket to ‘sandwich’ the rods and secure the hardware. This option does not require the washers but they can still be added for additional stability.

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