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Vertical & Horizontal Use

Case Orientation



The DA6 is without question a case designed to be used in a vertical orientation but it can still be used horizontally by resting it on its side. Regardless of which orientation you choose, protective clips should be used on either the tubes (when vertical) or on the aluminium panels (when horizontal).

Protective Clips (Feet)

Instead of typical case feet or rubber pads applied to the bottom panel, the DA6 maintains the tubular theme with the tubes also serving as the feet.

Whilst the case can rest directly on them, we include silicone clips that we recommend should be fitted to them. These will serve to protect the surface of the tubes and the desktop from scratches. They also provide grip, vibration dampening and can help maintain stability on uneven surfaces (by adjusting the positioning along the tube).

The DA6 is supplied with 4 x silicon clips

Clips should be placed at the edge of each tube (as wide apart as possible)

The clips should be placed on the lower edge of the top and bottoms panels

When new, the silicon clips have an opening that is small enough to grip the top/bottom panel. If they are attached to the tubes, this gap will be stretched and will no longer grip the top/bottom panel. It is therefore recommended to decide which orientation the case will be used it prior to fitting them.
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