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DB1 Max

Product Introduction

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Introduction to the DB1 MAX The DB1 MAX is a tower style Fanless ITX case capable of dissipating up to 65W of heat for CPU/APU cooling. As this utilities a twin heat sink design, it has been specifically designed for Thin-ITX motherboards that have an industry standard...

Preparation for assembly

Opening the DB1 Using the provided HEX Allen key, remove the 4 screws that secure the left side panel to the case pillars. Note that you should not remove the screws that secure the pillars to the right side heat sink. HCS-M4x12 Screw (Order Replacements) We include an Allen...

CPU Cooler

CPU Cooler Overview CPU Mount Copper shim 6mm Heat Pipe Heat Sink Mount Adjustable Arms The CPU cooler assembly comprises of a CPU mount with adjustable arms for socket compatibility and copper shim. This mount has 6 x 6mm diameter holes...

Fitting Motherboard

Overview Right side Heat Sink Mount Left side Heat Sink Mount CPU Mount If you followed the instructions correctly up to now, you should have something like this, the motherboard assembled with the CPU mount, heat pipes and left/right side heat sink mounts. T...

Replacing Front/Back Panels

Overview Slot in heat sink Pillar Bumper The key to the simplicity and assembly of the DB1 is how the side panels slot into the heat sink and combined with the silicon bumpers, secure the panels in place. Note that the bumpers can rotate, this can be useful w...

Attaching the Left Heat Sink

Apply thermal paste Apply Thermal Paste Apply Thermal Paste This is where things get fiddly, so you might want to do a test run before applying thermal paste just to make sure everything fits correctly and is in the right place.Once you are ready to proceed, apply therm...

Replace Acrylic Panels

Heat sink gap Screws should be loose 6-7mm gap The trick to replacing the acrylic panels once everything is installed is to leave the screws that secure the heat sink lose. This allows you to slightly pry apart the heat sink from the case enough to install the panels. ...
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