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CPU Cooler

CPU Cooler Overview

CPU Mount

Copper shim

6mm Heat Pipe

Heat Sink Mount

Adjustable Arms

The CPU cooler assembly comprises of a CPU mount with adjustable arms for socket compatibility and copper shim. This mount has 6 x 6mm diameter holes to accommodate the heat pipes (all of which are identical) that will be fitted against the side panels (heat sinks) using the heat sink mounts

Important to note the heat pipe locations in the CPU and Heat Sink Mount slots. In principle it does not matter the order as long as the heat pipes are offset by 1 slot between the CPU and heat sink mounts. The offset ensures the correct spacing between the CPU and heat sink and can be used for adjustment if there is a variation in IHS height.

Fitting to the Motherboard Overview

Typical THIN-ITX motherboard

CPU Mount

2 heat pipes t

One of the requirements that define a Thin-ITX motherboard is the CPU location which should always be positioned as shown. This is a key feature that allows the DB1 Max heat pipes to avoid conflict with any components and connect to the heat sinks on both sides of the case.

When fitting the CPU mount to the motherboard, the arms will need to be adjusted according to the socket type and the included retention nuts may be required depending on the thread and type of backplate.

Its best to do a test fit and adjust the CPU mount arms before applying thermal paste.

Thermal Paste Overview

Apply Thermal Paste

Apply Thermal Paste

Apply Thermal Paste

Thermal paste application is important to ensure optimal cooling performance. The image above shows the critical locations for application. To avoid making a mess, the paste should be applied in stages with each new step of the assembly process.

Install the Cooler Assembly

Fit CPU + ComponentsPrior to fitting the CPU cooler you must install the CPU into the socket. Please follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer depending on brand/model. We also recommend fitting additional components such as RAM and M.2 storage.

If the cooler retention bracket pre-fitted to the motherboard uses M3 thread, you wont need to use the included retention nuts. If not, they can be installed using the included EVA adhesive pads.

Mount the Copper SHIM

Apply thermal paste to the CPU IHS then place the copper shim onto the CPU ensuring its centered

Place the Cooler Assembly

Apply thermal paste to the exposed heat pipe area in the CPU mount cutout.

Carefully place the cooler assembly (CPU Mount, Heat Pipes + Heat Sink Mounts) onto the copper shim so that it fits into the CPU mount cutout.

Secure to the motherboard

Ensure the CPU mount is correctly aligned then secure it to the motherboard using the spring screws included.

The screws require 4-5 full turns, there is no need to screw them until the end of the thread.

Where possible keep the existing CPU backplate installed and no not overtighten the mounting screws otherwise it can apply too much pressure to the motherboard, causing it to warp
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