Product Introduction

Introduction to the DB1 MAX

The DB1 MAX is a tower style Fanless ITX case capable of dissipating up to 65W of heat for CPU/APU cooling. As this utilities a twin heat sink design, it has been specifically designed for Thin-ITX motherboards that have an industry standard CPU location and component high that ensures compatibility with the heat pipes.

Thin-ITX motherboards feature a fixed socket, low profile components and a half height I/O shield all of which are a requirement when using the DB1 MAX.


CPU Mount

Copper Shim

Heat Sink Mount

Heat Sink

Front Panel

Rear Panel

Front I/O Module

Acrylic Panel


Retention Bar

Silicon Bumper

Support Pillar

Whilst the DB1 Max is based on the regular DB1, the build procedure is different, so please take the time to learn the differences and avoid mistakes.
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