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Replacing Front/Back Panels


Slot in heat sink



The key to the simplicity and assembly of the DB1 is how the side panels slot into the heat sink and combined with the silicon bumpers, secure the panels in place. Note that the bumpers can rotate, this can be useful when putting in the rear panel as there may be I/O ports that will prevent the panel from being slid into place.

Back Panel

Fit the IO ShieldYou motherboard will include a low profile I/O shield, this should be fitted to the back panel. Make sure you have the correct orientation

Fit the back panel

As the rear panel has the I/O shield installed, it will require being installed at an angle in order to clear the motherboard ports. This can be made easier by rotating the bumper at the top of each pillar so that tabs don’t interfere, then once the lower edge of the back panel is in place, moving the top edge into place, then rotating the bumpers back to the original orientation. If this also proves difficult, you can remove the upper bumpers completely, then replace once the back panel is in place.

If you still find it difficult to install, you can simply remove one or both of the pillars from the heat sink which will greatly reduce any interference in fitting the back panel.

Final position

Bend the retention bar so that it applies pressure against the heat sink mount and is able to slice under the bracket. When installed correctly, the retention bar should be flush with both brackets

Front Panel

Power Switch and LED

Front USB

Modular front panel

Connecting the front panel cables can be done before or after fitting the front panel back to the case just don’t forget this critical step and make sure the cables are tucked BEHIND the heat sink mount

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