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FC8 V3 (Alpha)

If you have come here expecting to find the DA6 guide, sorry, the QR link on some packaging was incorrect, please go here

Product Introduction

Introduction to the FC8 V3 (ALPHA) The FC8 V3 (Alpha) is the 3rd iteration of this compact desktop ITX fanless case. Featuring a highly efficient heat sink design that blends with the curved edges, the FC8 can provide 87W of continuous cooling. With space for an ITX mo...

Preparation for assembly

Opening the FC8 The top panel is held in place by a total of 4 screws, 2 from the bottom left underside of the case, and 2 on the right side of the case that are accessible between the fins of the heat sink.Remove all 4 screws to release the top panel then separate it from the rest of the case. ...

Fitting the Motherboard

Install the IO Shield Motherboard IO Shield Rear Panel Motherboard Standoff (7mm) Locate the I/O shield supplied with your motherboard and firmly push it in place. Ensure that it is correctly orientated and seated otherwise the motherboard will be difficult t...

CPU Cooler Installation

CPU Cooler Overview SH2 Heat Pipes (buy replacements) CPU IHS Heat Sink Mount (buy replacements) Lower CPU Mount (buy replacement) Upper CPU Mount Assembly (buy replacements) The use of thermal paste is ESSENTIAL to ensure efficient he...

Fitting the PSU

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PSU Support External AC Adapter Internal DC to DC Converter The FC8 has been designed to use a 2-part PSU (we refer to them as 'NanoPSU') that consists of an internally fitted DC to DC PCB and an external AC adapter. There are a number of reasons for this but primarily ...
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