Fitting the Motherboard

Install the IO Shield

Motherboard IO Shield

Rear Panel

Motherboard Standoff (7mm)

Locate the I/O shield supplied with your motherboard and firmly push it in place. Ensure that it is correctly orientated and seated otherwise the motherboard will be difficult to install and not align correctly with the stand-offs.

Prep the motherboard

Double Side EVA (buy replacements)

M3 Retention NUT (buy replacements)

Correct Assembly

The accessory kit includes double sided EVA pads and M3 nuts that form part of the CPU cooler retention system. If the motherboard does not have a compatible backplate with M3 threads, these nuts should be fitted to the 4 holes allocated for the CPU cooler mounting on the motherboard. Prepare them by applying the EVA pads to the M3 nuts.

M.2 Drive

M3 Retention NUT with EVA

Motherboard Backplate

Once the motherboard has been fitted to the case, there wont be any access to the back side, so this step MUST be done prior to fitting. This also applies to motherboards that have an M.2 slot on the back, this must be populated before fitting the motherboard to the case. If the motherboard has a backplate with M3 mounting holes, it is preferable to use that, otherwise install the M3 nuts using the EVA to stick them to the CPU cooler retention holes on the motherboard.

Fit the motherboard

PTC-M3x5 (buy replacements)


Carefully lower the motherboard into the case, with the I/O port side leading so that the ports align with the I/O shield cutouts.

When the motherboard is correctly in position, secure it to the case stand-offs using the screws provided. Ensure that all the holes correctly align before fully tightening the screws.

Other components such as the CPU and RAM can be installed now or can be installed onto the motherboard prior to fitting it inside the case.
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