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Fitting the PSU

PSU Support

External AC Adapter

Internal DC to DC Converter

The FC8 has been designed to use a 2-part PSU (we refer to them as ‘NanoPSU’) that consists of an internally fitted DC to DC PCB and an external AC adapter. There are a number of reasons for this but primarily it’s because a standard ATX or even SFX PSU simply won’t fit inside the FC8 because of the size.

We produce a range of different models to meet the typical power requirements for a fanless system that range from 90 to 150W.

You are not limited to using a Streacom NanoPSU, any similar 2-part DC to DC PSU in principle can be used.

Back panel variants

5.5mm Jack Support

13mm opening

The current FC8 V3 (Alpha) now features a revised back panel with a larger opening for the DC jack. This has been incorporated for future higher-power DC sockets. If your case features this larger opening, you will need to use the included washers to convert the 13mm opening to the more common 5.5mm DC jack size.

Fitting the NanoPSU

Fit the DC Jack

The DC jack should be fitted to the back panel from the inside and with the retaining NUT placed on the outside.

See the next step for more details.

Fitting the DC Jack

If you have the revised back panel (with larger opening), you will need to use the 2 large washers supplied, one on the inside and one placed on the outside of the back panel (as shown in the lower part of the image).

With the older 5.5mm opening, use the single washer (supplied with the NanoPSU) on the outside of the back panel and secure with the nut.

Plug to the Motherboard

Plug the DC module (PCB with 24PIN) directly into the motherboard ATX 24PIN and the connect the 4PIN AUX CPU power connector.

If you are planning to use accessories such as 3.5″/2.5″ drives, the accessory power cable supplied with the NanoPSU should also be plugged into the DC module in preparation for them.

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