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Product Introduction

Introduction to the FC8 V3 (ALPHA)

The FC8 V3 (Alpha) is the 3rd iteration of this compact desktop ITX fanless case. Featuring a highly efficient heat sink design that blends with the curved edges, the FC8 can provide 87W of continuous cooling. With space for an ITX motherboard, 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives and a low profile expansion card, the FC8 is an excellent choice for compact fanless systems.

The FC8 is available with or without optical drive support. Optical drive support is limited to 12.7mm slimline slot-loading drives.


Top Panel

Back Panel

PCI Mount

DC Jack Location

Optical Drive Tray

SSD Bracket

Drive Tray

Heat Sink

CPU Cooler Assembly

Bottom Panel

Front Panel

Power Button

Type-A USB Ports

Optical drive tray is only included with the OPT version of the case. Non-optical versions include 2 additional SSD Brackets
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