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19th November 2019

DA2 – Accessories Released

We are pleased to announce a host of new accessories for the DA2 that expand upon the functionality of this already versatile case.

We designed the DA2 from the ground up to be a modular and adaptable platform, one that could be added to and enhanced over time without requiring a new revision of the case to be released and providing an upgrade path to existing owners.

In total we are making six accessories official…..

1. Vertical & Horizontal Brackets
2. USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C Cable
Both of which have been available from us directly from us for some time but are now officially listed.

3. Front I/O Module Type-A USB
4. Performance Acrylic Panel Kit
5. Tempered Glass Side Panel Kit
These are available from today and will be with retailers shortly.

6. Vertical GPU Kit
Planned to be available by Q2 2020.

For more information please visit the individual product pages or contact us directly.

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