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24th May 2022

DA6 – Product Announcement

Streacom is pleased to announce the DA6  ….  A vertical open frame SFF case with a unique take on design and construction

The Long Story

Our first exploration of a vertical orientation case was back in 2014 and culminated in the creation of the iconic DB4. The vertical layout was ideal for fanless convection cooling but also allowed for a compact footprint that, combined with the downward-facing ports, created a product that looked great from every angle. With the DA2 we produced our first case geared towards performance SFF builds and gained critical insights into the demands of gaming enthusiasts.

With these achievements under our belt we set out to create a vertical SFF case that could be used to showcase premium components, be versatile enough to meet the ever-increasing size and cooling demands of gaming hardware and of course, being Streacom, incorporate our premium and unique approach to design and assembly.

Introducing ….. the DA6 and DA6 XL

DA6 Chrome

15.9ℓ Body Volume

4ℓ of Open Space

DA6 XL Black

17.6ℓ Body Volume

The DA6 comes in at just under 20ℓ in volume, admittedly that is on the upper limit of SFF, but that metric includes the open space of the feet and handles, the actual body volume is only 15.9ℓ. 

The DA6 XL, as the name implies, is bigger with the additional vertical space allowing it to accommodate even larger GPUs, up to 358mm in length, while still maintaining the same footprint.

Tubular Exploration

In case it wasn’t plainly obvious, the design is focused around tubularity, the main structure is formed from 19mm stainless steel tubes, creating an unbroken wrap around frame that defines the body, feet and handles.

The usage of tubes or rods continues to the motherboard posts and extends to the universal brackets that comprise of cylindrical mounts and even smaller rods that form the bracket. This creates a cohesive design and marks the first time we have used a material other than aluminium as the primary focal point of the case, namely … stainless steel.

Beyond simply a style choice, the tubes play an integral part in not only the structure but functionality, serving as support surfaces for fitting components when combined with the universal brackets. Multi functionality extends to the motherboard post that also supports the GPU riser card. This focus on optimisation reduces complexity and clutter, creating this minimalist design without sacrificing any functionality.

Being an open frame, the selection of every part and material was critical since nothing is hidden. Virtually every component is custom made, using 304 stainless steel or machined/anodised 6063 aluminium. The DA6 is a celebration of premium materials and finishes which is why we think it works so well as an open frame.

19mm stainless steel tubes

Motherboard Post

Universal Bracket

Unrestricted Airflow

If there is one thing you can be sure of it’s cooling. The open frame design not only allows for unrestricted airflow but combined with the ability to utilise 4 sides for mounting, gives unrivalled cooling potential.

Each side has a tube to tube aperture of 150mm (166 without the brackets) ideal for 140mm fans (or smaller) to be mounted between them.

Whilst the DA6 was conceived primarily for use with air cooling (even passive cooling), it can just as easily support water cooling hardware to create some truly spectacular builds. We can only imagine what some creative custom loop builds would look like in this….. tubing is going to feel right at home in the DA6.

140mm Fan

280mm RAD

Cooler Unlimited

The DA6 has plenty of room for a large downdraft cooler with 105mm in height up to the edge of the case but there is nothing stopping you from going all out with the tallest tower cooler you can get your hands on.

Once again, the open frame design of the case removes many of the size restrictions of a conventional case allowing the choice of components to be less dependent on size and more on the performance requirements.

Thinking of going fanless? We don’t actually make any fanless CPU coolers because we believe the case is critical and integral to correct fanless operation but …. the DA6 might just be the perfect companion for those fanless CPU coolers.

70mm Downdraft Cooler

160mm Tower Cooler

Perfect Placement

Whilst the CPU might be at the heart of every PC, the GPU has become the visual centrepiece of every performance system. Highlighting this was one of the main motivations for the open design of the DA6. There is simply no better way to fully appreciate your hardware without negatively impacting cooling performance (talking about you TG!) than an open case.

Beyond just having an unrestricted view of the GPU, we wanted it to be perfectly positioned irrespective of the different sizes being used, so we incorporated an adjustable mounting solution. This gives the GPU x-axis movement for precise alignment of the card to the centreline of the case.

Adjustable Riser Mount

Adjustable PCI Mount

Supersize Me

Staying within the confines of SSF volume whilst including support for ever-larger GPUs meant introducing compromises that we didn’t just want to concede, so we decided to release 2 versions of the DA6, the standard (just called DA6) and the DA6 XL.

The XL maintains the same footprint but the added height allows for GPUs up to 358mm in length leaving room for even the largest cards and some breathing room for potentially bigger next-gen cards.

358mm in height

DA6 XL Chrome

Universal Approach

It almost wouldn’t be a Streacom case if it didn’t feature a unique way of mounting hardware, the DA6 is no exception featuring universal brackets that are more versatile than ever.

Free to move along the entire length of the case and on all 4 sides, they allow for extremely granular placement of components and can accommodate the mounting of virtually anything as long as it physically fits (being an open case, good chance it will), opening up a whole world of possibilities.

The brackets are secured with a single screw at each side which when loosened, allows the position to be adjusted, sliding it along the tubes. The brackets can also be fitted with an internal or external orientation giving the option to mount hardware closer or further away from the edge.

Inner Orientation

Outer Orientation

Bracket Mount

Component Mount

Legacy Storage

Whilst the trend is towards M.2 format storage, the DA6 still provides versatile support for legacy 3.5″ & 2.5″ drives using the universal brackets.

The flexible approach to drive mounting makes it possible to use the DA6 for large storage applications as the space typically occupied by bulky gaming GPUs can be reallocated for drives when being used as a NAS device. It is difficult to give an exact number of drives that can be fitted because it will depend on other components being used but anywhere from 5 to 9 x 3.5″ drives can be achieved.

In a gaming build, the ability to add 3.5″ drives will depend on the size of GPU and PSU but a single drive should be possible in most scenarios. 

3.5" Drives

2.5" Drives

Flexible Power

SFX and SFX-L PSUs are the natural choice for SFF builds but with price premium and the ever increasing power demands of CPUs and GPUs, the argument for better ATX PSU support has become more valid.

The DA6 provides ATX PSU compatibility without sacrificing GPU size so you don’t have to choose between power and performance or limit your PSU options to SFX only. 

Whilst the PSU location will be dependent on GPU size, the actual position of the is not fixed, all 4 sides are possible so placement can be optimised for cable management, cooling and space. 

Vertical ATX

Vertical SFX

Horizontal ATX

Horizontal SFX

Port Modularity

One of the features included on all ‘D’ series cases is port modularity. This allows for improved case personalisation and reduces obsolescence by providing an upgrade path for future standards.

The DA6 comes fitted with a power button +  type-c module,  by default located on the bottom panel but it also features 2 additional module locations on the top panel. These can be used as an alternative to the bottom placement or used to add additional ports according to your exact needs and motherboard port features.

We are committed to expanding on this modular platform, beyond just adding more port options, we will also introduce a new biometric power button module that brings the ease of Windows Hello to your desktop PC. The module will be compatible will all ‘D’ series cases and replaces the existing glass button with the touch sensor.

Module Position #1

Module Position #2

Module Position #3

Power Button + Type-C

2 x Type-C

1 x Type-C + 1 x Type-A

2 x Type-A

Power Button + Type-A

Biometric Module

Going Open Frame

The case will be made (pun intended) that open frames are dust magnets or child/pet unfriendly. The latter we can’t argue with but in our testing and experience, the majority of side panels and dust filters are somewhat of a placebo and only catch the larger particles. In fact, they often hide the build-up dust until its already has a negative impact and at the constant expense of a system that runs hotter while being more difficult to clean. This is one of the main reasons for going fanless (something we happen to know a little bit about) as dust build-up is inevitable whenever you have a fan and forced airflow.

We think the better strategy here is … ‘don’t try to hide it, just make it easier to clean’ … so being able to see the build-up of dust and do more frequent cleaning in the short term provides better performance and in the long run, should improve reliability.

Pricing & Availability

Depending on location, the DA6 is expected to be in stock with retailers by late-July 2022 and will retail for ~ 139EUR and 149EUR for the XL

The DA6 and DA6 XL will be available in Chrome

and by popular request …. Black

Product page will be also be available soon, sign up to our social media feeds to get the latest updates on when that happens, but in the mean time you can download the product introduction pdf

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