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1st June 2021

Our Online Shop is Open

We have always worked with our trusted network of global distributors and retailers to provide local shipping and first-line support but starting today, we are expanding our own direct-to-customer service with the opening of our online shop. The primary reason for this is to be able to offer a wide range of after-market parts that would simply be impractical for any of our partners to stock. From replacement case panels to cables and screws, if it’s part of a Streacom case, we aim to make it available to our customers. This is part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best service possible, extending the lifetime of our products and supporting the right to repair.

Most items will be stocked and shipped from our manufacturing facility in China, so shipping times are constrained by typical international delivery times for packages, but we do use expedited services for most orders.

Where possible we always suggest purchasing from a local retailer but for spare parts, hard-to-find items or locations without a retail partner, this is the place to shop 🙂


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