8th September 2015

Skylake Compatibility

Intel introduced its 6th generation of Core™ Processor at IFA last month and with it comes the new socket LGA1151. So over the past few weeks we have been bombarded with the question “is the Streacom CPU cooler mount compatible with Skylake”, the answer is YES!

Whist the number of connecting pins on the CPU has gone up from 1150 to 1151, the overall physical dimension remain the same and more importantly, the CPU cooler mounting holes retain the same spacing, so all existing CPU coolers will fit.

It’s important to note that care must still be taken to select a motherboard that has a compatible CPU location and a TDP within the operational range of the case and PSU. See our System Build Guide for more help.

The Intel Newsroom has the official press release and full details on Skylake, 6th Generation Intel® Core™.

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