15th February 2023

Socket AM5 – Compatibility

The release of AMD Socket AM5 delivers a wealth of new features and possibilities but also introduced a change to the previous AM4 cooler retention design. Whilst the layout and dimensions remain the same, the primary difference is that the backplate is no longer removable which means any retention solution must be compatible with it. As the threads used on the backplate are UTS (6#32) and our retention screws use a Metric M3 thread, they are not compatible with AM5.

To address this we have produced an additional set of retention screws that feature the compatible 6#32 thread of the AM5 backplate that will allow all current Streacom fanless cases to support the AM5 platform.

These new retention screws are available to all customers through our online shop for FREE*1 by entering the code AM5UP at checkout.


*1 – Excluding shipping


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