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This case have been a pleasure to try and build a system in and afterwards have it running for the 2 shorts test I made of the case. With the ultra mini setup I had installed it was no problem at all to keep a reasonable temperature on the CPU. There is no doubt that you would also be able to run a i3 or i5 CPU or higher, as they can also be found with a TDP at 50-70 Watt.
Innovation/Technology – 5 – Here I have to give top grade as the case is packed with innovative solutions both inside and outside, and the technology used in the case is definitely amongst the most prominent.

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DB4Tek Syndicate
Build Video
“ Passively Cooled Xeon Gaming & Benchmarks Part 2 | Streacom DB4 | Ridiculosity ”
DB4Tek Syndicate
Build Video
“ Passively Cooled 20-Core Intel Xeon Build in the Streacom DB4 | Ridiculosity ”
Written Review
“ Et kunstverk av et kabinett ”
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