Haswell Compatibility

With the introduction of Haswell, the 4th generation of Core™ Processor, Intel® has delivered a vast range of improvements and benefits. Fortunately this was all done whilst still maintaining a ...

Exhibiting @ Computex 2013

Streacom is pleased to be exhibiting at Computex 2013, June 4-8. Our stand number is N0406 and is located in the Nangang Hall, Upper Floor (4th Floor). As well as our existing product range, this ...

IRRC – Remote Remapping Software

We are pleased to announce the release of a new software application for the IRRC module which allows all remote control key functions to be remapped. This new tool greatly expands the flexibility of ...

NC1 Product Announcement

Streacom is pleased to announce the NC1, a chassis designed for the Next Unit of Computing (NUC) platform developed by Intel. With such a small and powerful board to work with, it was all to easy to ...

System Build Guide

Every DIY PC build requires a basic understand of which components to choose and how to assemble them, but SFF (small form factor) and passive cooled systems do require a higher level of competency ...


FC9 –

What can I say? The Streacom FC9 isn’t just a fully functioning and elegant HTPC case; it is a lot more than that! With it’s fantastic performance, superb build quality and its attention to detail, it is no wonder that the Streacom FC9 has literally cleaned house in this review. – read the full review

FC5 Evo –
Išskirtinai aliumininė konstrukcija leido užtikrinti aukščiausios klasės surinkimo kokybę, vien didžiulio akcento nusipelnė 10 mm storio priekinė panelė. – read the full review

FC9 –

Σε αυτό το τομέα λοιπόν, φάνηκε καθαρά ότι τίποτα δεν έχει αφεθεί στη τύχη του και η εταιρία έδειξε γενναιοδωρία στο τομέα των υλικών. – read the full review

FC5WS Evo –

Inside Hardware Gold & Innovation Award
L’implementazione del sistema di dissipazione integrato è senz’altro la più importante e altisonante caratteristica, ma non è l’unico elemento di rilievo di un cabinet realizzato secondo canoni stilistici che mirano al minimalismo e all’eleganza estrema, sfoggiando materiali e finiture di pregio. – read the full review

NC1 – Blog HTPC

STREACOM es una marca que por encima de todo cuida el diseño de todos sus productos, externamente la NC1 es muy elegante, con un diseño limpio y un tamaño súper compacto – read the full review

FC8 Evo – Razorman

Streacom juega la baza de un diseño realmente muy elegante y llamativo con esta caja Streacom Fc8 Evo que no desentonará ni mucho menos en cualquier salón. – read the full review

FC5 Evo –

Sin embargo a cambio nos proporcionan una caja 100% fabricada en aluminio, de máxima calidad, buena capacidad, gran refrigeración pasiva, y totalmente silenciosa. – read the full review

FC8 Evo –

Questo prodotto è assolutamente unico in termini di innovazione tecnica e i materiali sono ampiamente oltre lo standard dei migliori prodotti in commercio confermando le ottime abitudini qualitative di Streacom. – read the full review

F1CWS Evo –
Streacom F1CWS EVO er et stilrent og über lækkert Mini-ITX-kabinet på alle måder – ude som inde. – read the full review

FC8 Evo –
Η ποιότητα πραγματικά είναι κορυφαία. Η εταιρία δεν τσιγκουνεύτηκε σε καμία περίπτωση τα υλικά, αλλά ούτε και τη τεχνογνωσία που έβαλε επάνω στο κουτί. – read the full review

FC9 – Award Fabrik

Wer ein edles und sauber verarbeitetes Passivgehäuse haben will und das notwendige “Klein”-Geld hat, der kommt an den FC9 nicht vorbei. – read the full review

Nano150 –
Hvis vi tager ideen i hovedet, er den jo genial, og Streacom har med Nano150 lavet den perfekte makker til deres SFF-kabinetter, hvor der ikke er plads til interne strømforsyninge – read the full review

FC5WS Evo –
FC5 EVO hører til helt i toppen, når vi snakker byggekvalitet. Der er her tale om et kabinet udført i lækker aluminium, som ud over at se godt ud, også bidrager til konceptet med passiv køling af CPU’en…. – read the full review
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