BC1 Mini
ITX Open Benchtable

The BC1 MINI as the name suggests is a small version of the award-wining BC1 Open Benchtable. We took everything great about the BC1 and shrunk it down to perfectly suit ITX and SFF PC builds.

It may be smaller but it still shares the same 8mm thick precision machined and anodized aluminium construction which offers fantastic rigidity while also being extremely lightweight. With the reduced size, it only weighs 805g but still manages to incorporate the same self-contained design which makes it incredibly portable, versatile and easy to store.

Whilst overclocking on an ITX platform is not exactly the “done thing”, the BC1 MINI does allow for it, and lets you build an incredibly compact, robust open small form fact rig or test bench.

The BC1 V2, a familiar form factor but with a huge engineering re-design that is nothing short of spectacular. It aims to be more robust, more versatile, more functional, more practical and easier to use than ever before.

Read the full press release here

The original BC1 Mini (now known as the V1)  launched in October 2017 (see the press release here) and was the first ITX benchtable on the market.

See the BC1 V1 product page here for full details



Small Form Factor (SFF), Mini-ITX & Mini-DTX motherboard support




3 Bays
2 PCIe Support Screws Included


Support for 240, 140, 120, 92, 80mm, 5KG Max


2 x 2.5"
2 x 2.5", any thickness


2 x 12mm
No front I/O included
It's an overclocker thing 🙂


Packed 230x190x8mm (W x D x H)
Assembled height of 78mm


785g NET
1080g GROSS
(packed weight)


AL5052 + SS
5052 grade aluminium for body, 304 steel for all screws


Sandblast and anodized surface treatment, available in black or silver


Maximum recommend total weight of components


EAN: 8718469091591


EAN: 8718469091584


EAN: 8718469091607



Just like the large ATX version, the beauty of the BC1 Mini lies in the design that is extremely simple yet highly functional.

A key objective was portability, even more so for the compact ITX form factor meaning it would need to occupy minimal space when not in use and be self-contained for ease of transport.

The solution was to derive everything from a single slender body, integrating and incorporating all the parts so they could also be stored and occupy minimal space.


Having to assemble before use my seem tedious but thanks to the toolless assembly and custom screws, assembly and use is a breeze. Once the feet are attached to the body all that remains is to add the standoffs in the appropriate locations depending on your motherboard size. Support for expansion cards, storage drives and cooling it achieved with more thumbscrews and the included brackets.

With the use of its pushpin standoffs, no screws are required to secure the motherboard in place making it ideal for quick and easy hardware testing and swapping.


You would be forgiven for thinking the compromises made to achieve such a portable product would leave it lacking in hardware compatibility. On the contrary, the BC1 has incredible hardware support thanks to its open platform design. The adjustable side bracket approach to mounting hardware also provides a wide range of support for cooling and other hardware to be mounted.


With such a compact and minimal design, a different approach was needed to add support for cooling such as fans and radiators. The solution is side mounting brackets that pivot to adjust for different size fans.

The V2 now features twice as many brackets that can either be combined to support longer screws and higher loads or split and use together at a single location or individually to add more mounting locations.

Reviews & Media Coverage

PC Ekspert
Written Review

BC1 Mini, kao i njegov veći brat BC1 su odlično osmišljeni i izvedeni bench stolovi, tj. stolovi za testiranje hardvera......


  1. Where is the power/reset switch for this case?
    The V1 of the BC1 Open Benchtable didn’t include any options for the motherboard power on/off or reset as it was primarily designed with overclockers in mind and they tended to use motherboards with built-in buttons for these. When the V2 was released, we added 12mm holes at the lower edge of the BC1 to allow for standard panel mount switches to be fitted. We have also released a customised panel switch for the BC1 that can be purchased separately from our shop – https://shop.streacom.com/products/12mm-panel-mount-switch-led
  2. The power button on my SFX PSU conflicts with the edge of the foot on my BC1 Mini, what can I do?
    **UPDATED AUGUST 2022** Whilst we have widened the feet on the BC1 Mini V2 to leave more room for the switch, some PSU vendors still have switch placement very close to the edge of the PSU making it difficult to attach the PSU to the foot. We have now produced a standoff (originally designed and included with the DA6) to space the PSU away from the foot leaving a gap that allows the switch to clear the foot. This PSU spacer can be used with any PSU and with the BC1 Mini V1 and V2 – LINK TO PSU SPACER   **Previous Answer for reference only** Note, that this applies to the V1 only, the BC1 Mini V2 features a winder foot design for improved PSU compatibility. This is a known compatibility issue with some Corsair SFX PSUs as the placement of the power switch is very close to the edge of the PSU enclosure. There is currently a limitation of the BC1 Mini design, but there is a workaround that can be used by using spacers to leave a gap between the PSU and foot. This will allow enough clearance for the PSU switch but will require the use of longer screws (~14mm in length) as the thumbscrews supplied will be too short.
  3. Can I travel with my BC1 and take it on the plane?
    The BC1 was designed with portability in mind, so absolutely! The BC1 has travelled through customs and security checks at several airports around the world (incl. TSA in the US, France and Taiwan) without issue. However, there is no guarantee where hand luggage is concerned, so best to place it in check-in language.
  4. What is the difference between the Streacom BC1 and Open Benchtable?
    It should be no surprise that they are identical as it was a collaboration. The only difference is that the Open Benchtable ships with a travel sleeve and must be purchased directly from their website.
  5. Can I get a customised version of this case made?
    Whilst we are considered in many ways a boutique manufacturer, its not possible for us to produce customised versions of our cases as one-offs or in limited numbers to cater for individual requirements and modifications. We are however able to offer a customisation service for businesses (OEM / ODM) and depending on the product and type of modification, this becomes viable at relatively low volumes.
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