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Glass Panel Kit

Whilst our design language leans towards understated system builds, glass is a beautiful material and we do concede that some hardware should definitely be put on display, so here it is, the tempered glass side panel kit for the DA2.

The kit consists of a lightly tinted windowed glass side panel for your hardware viewing pleasure and a full blackout side panel to hide the less attractive back view of the components. Both panels are made from tempered glass and secure to the case using neodymium magnets, making for easy installation and removal whilst maintaining the sleek, screwless aesthetic of the DA2. The panels are interchangeable so they can be mounted on either side of the case to allow for inverted motherboard builds and right or left side desk placement.


  • Will the panels have a negative impact on cooling performance?
    Without question there will be less airflow available because of the lack of ventilation from the side panels but with the correct choice of hardware and placement of upper/lower panel fans, this can be mitigated.
  • Is it safe to transport the case with the TG panels attached?
    As the panels are secured with magnets, if you plan to transport the DA2, the panels should be removed and securely stored.
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