The DB1 is an ultra-compact fanless ITX case, designed to be paired with the new generation of APU/IGPUs, that is both competitively priced and built without any sacrifice on design or quality.

With a total volume less than 5l, the DB1 is our most compact fanless case but can still comfortably handle 45W of cooling, which is ideal for power-efficient systems based, especially when combined with the new generation of APU/IGPUs that deliver excellent performance/watt.

The DB1 is constructed from 4mm thick aluminium panels, a 21mm thick extruded heat sink, solid aluminium rods and is made using CNC milling and finished with sandblasted/anodised surface treatment, but despite using these premium materials, processing and finishing, is extremely competitively priced.


Form Factor

Ultra Compact Small Form Factor (SFF), mini tower, Mini-ITX motherboard support

CPU Cooling

45W of CPU cooling,
2 x 6mm Heat Pipes


No support for PCIe expansion


1 x 2.5" + m.2
Support for 1 x 2.5" drive and m.2 provided by the motherboard


Nano type PSU
(external AC + DC PCB)


Modular I/O
Included USB Type-A 3.0
Optional Type-C 3.1 Gen2


222 x 222 x 101mm
(D x H x W)
4.98ℓ volume


1.9kg NET
2.5kg GROSS
(packed weight)


Aluminium 6063 for heat sink, side, front and back panels, acrylic upper and lower panels


Sandblast and anodized surface treatment, available in black and silver


EAN: 8718469091508


EAN: 8718469091515



The DB1 is one of the most competitively priced fanless cases on the market, but this does not mean quality has been sacrificed.
Using the same extruded aluminium, precision CNC milling processes and sandblasted anodise finish as our premium products, the DB1 has an amazing build quality with thick panels and solid aluminium pillars.


The DB1 was of course design to work primarily in the vertical orientation as that occupies the least amount of desk space and also gives the best cooling performance as convection is optimised. It can however also be used in the horizontal orientation with the ability to position the front I/O at either side of the case.

The front I/O is also modular and uses the same module as the DA2 so included Type-A 19PIN can be replaced with an optional Type-C 19PIN or 3.1 Gen2 or any future standard.


With our approach to fanless, the cooling is done by the case itself and the DB1 is no exception. Heat is transferred from the CPU to the heat sink (side panel) using 6mm copper heat pipes and dissipated into the environment along its surface and fins which are optimised for natural convection.


It’s hard to appreciate just how small and tightly packed some our compact cases are, to the extent that we sometimes get asked if it’s possible to install an SFX or even ATX PSU inside them.

For some context, the DB1 is not much larger than the ITX motherboard it holds, and this ultra small form factor is only made possible by the use of a NanoPSU that plugs directly into the motherboard.


This exploded view maybe look complicated, but it hard to overstate just how simple and ingenious the design is. The entire case can be disassembled with just 4 screws making installation of the motherboard and CPU cooler easier. As the case is symmetrical, the panels can be rearranged to the front I/O is modular meaning it can be replaced with an alternative port.

Reviews & Media Coverage

Build Video


Snazzy Labs
Build Video

The Streacom DB1 is awesome with superb build quality and easy installation and completely silent operation ….. I just genuinely.....


  1. What is the size and coverage area of the CPU mount
    The stock CPU mount supplied with the case is 56 x 56mm. Depending on the arm orientation, it can adapt to cooler mounting holes that are 80-90mm apart. The stock mount can not be used with CPUs that have cooler mounting holes less than 60mm apart.
  2. Is it safe to use a CPU with the same maximum specified case TDP?
    In the past, CPU TDP was a measure of the maximum required cooling performance of a cooler to maintain the normal operating temperature of the CPU. With the advent of performance “boosting” technologies, the specified TDP is no longer an accurate representation of the required cooling performance, but more a baseline reference. When these technologies are enabled, CPUs can boost well above the specified TDP rating and they try to take advantage of thermal overheads. It is therefore important when choosing a CPU for a fanless case to consider the actual maximum TDP that the CPU can output. Wherever possible, aim for a CPU TDP that is below the case TDP rating or consider BIOS settings that will limit the CPU to the maximum TDP supported by the case.
  3. You used to have a system build guide to help with compatibility, where can I find it?
    The FAQ section has been designed to replace that will allow us to more frequently update customers with any information that is useful. If there is anything missing, just let us know and we will add it.
  4. How do I know of the motherboard is compatible?
    The heat pipes on the DB1 run up and away from the motherboard, so in principle, all motherboards with a socket that is compatible with the included universal mount can be used. If you are not sure, just get in touch with our support team and send a link to the motherboard you are considering.
  5. Can I install a PCIe card?
    The DB1 does not have support for a PCIe card, so you won’t be able to populate the slot on your ITX motherboard
  6. Can I get a customised version of this case made?
    Whilst we are considered in many ways a boutique manufacturer, its not possible for us to produce customised versions of our cases as one-offs or in limited numbers to cater for individual requirements and modifications. We are however able to offer a customisation service for businesses (OEM / ODM) and depending on the product and type of modification, this becomes viable at relatively low volumes.
  7. What if I have a question that is not listed?
    If you can’t find the information you need, please send us a message using the ‘Get in Touch’ link at the top right of the page, choose the appropriate department and we will respond with the relevant information.
  8. We are always here to help!

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