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CPU Cooling Expansion Kit

The LH6 Kit for DB4 was designed to expand the CPU cooling from a single side panel to two side panels. It comprises of heat pipes, heak sink connectors, universal brackets and thermal pads/paste. When assembled correctly and with the appropriate environmental conditions, the total cooling performance can reach 105W* of heat dissipation. Whilst the stock DB4 heat pipes have been designed to work with virtually any motherboard layout, the LH6 will require a compatible CPU location and motherboard, see our system build guide for more details.


  • What motherboards are compatible with the LH6 Kit?
    Unlike the stock heat pipes supplied with the DB4, the LH6 heat pipes run parallel to the CPU mount and exit towards the top of the motherboard (above the CPU location). For that reason, there must not be any tall components on the motherboard above the CPU socket area that would block the heat pipes. These tall components are typically VRM cooling heat sinks or tall capacitors, so please pay attention to this when considering the use of the LH6 Kit.  
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