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The DB4 is a design masterpiece featuring a bi-symmetrical design that blurs the lines between technology and art. Every element of this case subtly screams premium, from the 13mm thick extruded aluminium side panels to the precision CNC’d internal frame, all perfectly blended together with our characteristically understated design tone.

Key to its design are the identical sides of the case which serve both as the striking monolithic exterior and the convection surface (or heat sink) for component cooling and is the basis of its fanless operation.

Motherboard compatibility has been addressed, the DB4 solves one of the biggest complexities of building a fanless case. With both the motherboard and side panels being parallel, the heat pipes run perpendicular, away from any components and in combination with the flexibility of the universal bracket, means that virtually all ITX motherboard are compatible with the case.

Our existing CPU mount has also been re-engineered to be adjustable and universally compatible with any socket. It now features a copper shim interface between the IHS and heat pipes which creates a more efficient all copper thermal path to the heat sink, greatly improving cooling performance.

To make assembly easier, all the side panels are removable, as is the motherboard tray, leaving an open frame with plenty of accessibility. Building on the innovation of our F12C, components are fitted using a universal bracket system that supports, drives, heat sink mounts and the ZF240, allowing components to be mounted anywhere along the frame of the case, delivering a truly modular and flexible layout.

The DB4 measures 260 x 260 x 270mm but still manages to accommodate an ITX motherboard, a dual-slot full-height PCI card (max 200mm length, 110mm height), up to 5 x 3.5” or 12 x 2.5” drives (lots of combinations in between), and can be powered by our Nano or ZeroFlex PSU solutions.


Form Factor

Small Form Factor (SFF), mini tower, Mini-ITX motherboard support

CPU Cooling

Fanless cooling 65W single panel, expandable to 105W with LH6 kit

GPU Cooling

Optional GPU cooling kit with support for 65W TDP cards


Dual slot, 200 x 116*x 50mm max dimensions (L x H x W) *inclusive of AUX power connector


3.5" & 2.5"
Max of 5 x 3.5″ or 12 x 2.5
or a mix of both,
e.g. 2 x 3.5" + 2 x 2.5"


ZF240 or Nano type PSU (external AC + DC PCB)

I/O Panel

2 x USB A
Bottom Panel, 2 x Type-A 3.0 with 19PIN motherboard connector


260 x 260 x 270mm
(D x H x W)
18.25ℓ volume


7.5kg NET
9.25kg GROSS
(packed weight)


Slot Load
Optional ODD Kit adds support for 12.7mm slot loading drive


Aluminium 6063 for all outer panels, frame & feet, steel brackets, acrylic top


Sandblast and anodized surface treatment, available in black, silver & titanium


EAN: 8718469090464


EAN: 8718469090457


EAN: 8718469091492


When assembled, the inner frame is completely hidden by the outer panels, but that doesn’t mean any less care or quality was spared for its construction. Fabricated entirely from aluminium with no single part less than 4mm, the high grade frame is in itself a beautiful piece of engineering and makes working within the DB4 a breeze thanks to the 360 degree open access.
The symmetrical design and bottom placement of all ports means the DB4 looks stunning from every angle. Available in three colours, the classic two tone silver with black upper and lower panels, the sleek all black or the recently introduced middle ground titanium colour, all make an ultra sleek and sophisticated PC experience.
Whilst the CPU might be at the heart of every PC, the GPU has become the visual centrepiece of every performance system. Highlighting this was one of the main motivations for the open design of the DA6. There is simply no better way to fully appreciate your hardware without negatively impacting cooling performance (talking about you TG!) than an open case. Beyond just having an unrestricted view of the GPU, we wanted it to be perfectly positioned irrespective of the different sizes being used, so we incorporated an adjustable mounting solution. This gives the GPU x-axis movement for precise alignment of the card to the centreline of the case.
The concept of a universal bracket is something that we first introduced with the F12C and is integral to our design philosophy of not only simplicity but also modularity. By creating a mounting solution that can adapt to any hardware and be placed in different positions along the case, we offer greater flexibility and the potential to utilise the case beyond its original scope.

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    • What is the size and coverage area of the CPU mount
      The stock CPU mount supplied with the case is 56 x 56mm. Depending on the arm orientation, it can adapt to cooler mounting holes that are 80-90mm apart. The stock mount can not be used with CPUs that have cooler mounting holes less than 60mm apart.
    • Is it safe to use a CPU with the same maximum specified case TDP?
      In the past, CPU TDP was a measure of the maximum required cooling performance of a cooler to maintain the normal operating temperature of the CPU. With the advent of performance "boosting" technologies, the specified TDP is no longer an accurate representation of the required cooling performance, but more a baseline reference. When these technologies are enabled, CPUs can boost well above the specified TDP rating and they try to take advantage of thermal overheads. It is therefore important when choosing a CPU for a fanless case to consider the actual maximum TDP that the CPU can output. Wherever possible, aim for a CPU TDP that is below the case TDP rating or consider BIOS settings that will limit the CPU to the maximum TDP supported by the case.
    • You used to have a system build guide to help with compatibility, where can I find it?
      The FAQ section has been designed to replace that will allow us to more frequently update customers with any information that is useful. If there is anything missing, just let us know and we will add it.
    • What graphics cards are compatible with the DB4 GPU cooling kit?
      The kit is rated for a maximum of 75W TDP, so in principle, any GPU that is within that power limit or that can be turned to stay within that limit can be used however it is not recommend to use anything above 120W, even if limiting the power. Care should also be taken to ensure the GPU mounting holes are at least 40mm apart from each other otherwise the GPU mount will be too large.
    • What GTX 16 Series cards are compatible with the GPU cooling kit ?
    • Can I use a 9mm thick slot loading drive with this case ?
      The optical drive bracket has been designed specifically for use with 12.7mm thick drives, so whilst it might be possible to attach it in some way, officially it is not supported.
    • Is it possible to purchase extra brackets?
      Yes, it is possible to purchase additional brackets, just get in touch and we can arrange that.
    • Why are there no visible or easily accessible I/O ports on the DB4?
      The DB4 is an extremely design and aesthetic orientated case and with this in mind, the priority was to keep a clutter-free and clean look. If there is a requirement for easy access to USB ports, we would recommend using a small HUB that can be placed next to the DB4.
    • What if I have a question that is not listed?
      If you can't find the information you need, please send us a message using the 'Get in Touch' link at the top right of the page, choose the appropriate department and we will respond with the relevant information.

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