GPU Cooling Kit
The GPU cooling kit was designed to bring silent performance/gaming to the DB4 by allowing a discreet graphics card to be passively cooled using one of the side panels. It comprises of a GPU mount, heat sink mount, heat pipes, universal bracket and VRAM coolers, everything needed to cool a graphics card without the need of a fan. The GPU mount features adjustable arms to accommodate any variation in the card mounting and combined with the flexible heat sink mounting design of the DB4, allows for virtually any compact graphics card to be used.


  • What graphics cards are compatible with the DB4 GPU cooling kit?
    The kit is rated for a maximum of 75W TDP, so in principle, any GPU that is within that power limit or that can be turned to stay within that limit can be used however it is not recommend to use anything above 120W, even if limiting the power. Care should also be taken to ensure the GPU mounting holes are at least 40mm apart from each other otherwise the GPU mount will be too large.
  • What GTX 16 Series cards are compatible with the GPU cooling kit ?
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