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Optical Drive Kit for DB4

Designed specifically for the DB4, the optical drive kit adds support for a slim slot-loading drive to the DB4.

The kit included an optical drive tray that allows the drive to be mounted to the back of the motherboard tray and an acrylic top panel with a slot cutout for access to the drive.

Drives that have a mechanical eject button can be operated by pushing in the center of the top panel.


  • Will it work with the drive eject button?
    Yes, one of the reasons for using acrylic instead of glass for the top panel was to allow the flex to be used to operate the eject button. Pressing anywhere in the middle of the panel will operate the eject button.
  • Is the top panel supplied with this kit the same material and finish as the original one?
    Yes, it’s identical, just with an additional cutout for the optical media to pass.
  • Can I use a 9mm thick slot loading drive with this case ?
    The optical drive bracket has been designed specifically for use with 12.7mm thick drives, so whilst it might be possible to attach it in some way, officially it is not supported.
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