ATX Open Benchtable

The BC1 is a collaboration between HWBOT, Overclocking-TV and Streacom to create a truly exceptional benchtable, one that redefines the product category and towers above current offerings in terms of portability, aesthetics, quality and design. It also forms the foundation of the Open Benchtable Project, a community driven platform which will allow the benchtable to evolve over time though accessories and mods from third party developers.

Being only 8mm thick and weighing a mere 1.82kg, the Open Benchtable is uniquely designed for travelling overclockers, enthusiasts and technical professionals who need put together a full open PC while on the road. It uniquely integrates all the components needed to quickly set up a benching or test platform including; standoffs, screws and brackets.

The entire BC1 is made of precision machined, anodized aluminium which offers fantastic rigidity while also being extremely lightweight. The body also features an integrated carry handle and has been ingenuously designed to incorporate the legs, standoffs, and brackets which all seamlessly stow within. This means no moving (or indeed rattling) parts when in transit.

The entire product uses thumbscrews meaning you won’t even need to bring your screwdriver with you. Motherboard standoffs include traditional and convenient pushpin options. The BC1 supports all form factor motherboards, plus up to four VGA cards. Integrated mounting brackets support system fans and radiators in a variety of configurations.

To learn more about the Open Benchtable project, visit this website: openbenchtable.com

V1.1 is a minor revision of the original design incorporating some of the new features already integrated in the BC1 Mini. These include ….
Updated support bracket design with a thick and slimmer side to allow for different length screws on the hardware being mounted.
Rubber insets for the feet instead of adhesive pads
A Kensington lock slot for added security
Revised storage mounting slot spacing for use with thicker drives.

The original BC1 (now known as the V1)  launched in 2016 has been superseded by the V1.1 and was discontinued at that time. There was no major changes to the spec so we have not retained or created a specific product page for it.



Small Form Factor (SFF), mini tower, Mini-ITX motherboard support


ZF240 or Nano type PSU (external AC + DC PCB)


7 Bays
4 support screws included,
all ATX slot positions available


Support for 280, 240, 140, 120, 92, 80mm, 5KG Max


3.5" & 2.5"
2 x 3.5" or 2 x 2.5"


No front I/O included
It's an overclocker thing 🙂


Packed 370x260x8mm (W x D x H)
Assembled height of 115mm


1.82kg NET
2.1kg GROSS
(packed weight)


5052 grade aluminium for body,
304 steel for all screws


Sandblast and anodized surface treatment, available in black or silver


Maximum recommend total weight of components is 25KG


EAN: 8718469091256


EAN: 8718469091249


EAN: 8718469091263


EAN: 8718469091461



The body, feet and brackets of the BC1 are all manufactured from a single solid slab of 5052 aluminum using a precision milling process.
This creates and incredibly solid and stable structure that is both functional and elegant.


The beauty of the BC1 is how simple yet functional the design is. A key objective was portability, this meant focusing on how the product could not only occupy a small space but also contain all the necessary parts for assembly. The solution was to derive everything from a single outer form and multi-purposing the screws for storing, assembling and mounting.


You would be forgiven for thinking the compromises made to achieve such a portable product would leave it lacking in hardware compatibility or make it difficult to use. On the contrary, the BC1 is incredibly easy to assemble and mount components with its toolless design. The unique approach to mounting hardware also provides a wide range of support for cooling thanks to the adjustable brackets and open design.


Every screw supplied with the BC1 has been custom designed and manufactured from high grade 304 stainless steel in order to ensure long lasting use with the table. They are an integral feature of the toolless design and ensure easy assembly and secure hardware mounting.

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    • Where is the power/reset switch for this case?
      The V1 of the BC1 Open Benchtable didn’t include any options for the motherboard power on/off or reset as it was primarily designed with overclockers in mind and they tended to use motherboards with built-in buttons for these. When the V2 was released, we added 12mm holes at the lower edge of the BC1 to allow for standard panel mount switches to be fitted. We have also released a customised panel switch for the BC1 that can be purchased separately from our shop – https://shop.streacom.com/products/12mm-panel-mount-switch-led
    • The frame on my Dark Power Pro 12 (or similar) means the BC1 screws are too short to mount the PSU
      We are aware that some ATX PSUs feature an additional frame that spaces the screw mounting holes further away from the feet, making the BC1 screws too short to reach them.  Presumably, this has been added to reduce noise/vibration but it does stray from the ATX standard and making longer screws to ensure compatibility would lead to problems with other PSUs and hardware. Fortunately, there is a workaround using our PSU spacer screws that extend the mounting holes beyond this frame and allows the PSU to be fitted to the BC1. This
    • Can I use an E-ATX on the BC1?
      Being an ‘open’ table, the motherboard can be larger than ATX but there will be some compromises. Any of the additional mounting holes on an E-ATX will not be supported and if the board extends past the edge of the table, it will block the use of the side mounting brackets (for radiators, fans, etc).
    • Can I travel with my BC1 and take it on the plane?
      The BC1 was designed with portability in mind, so absolutely! The BC1 has travelled through customs and security checks at several airports around the world (incl. TSA in the US, France and Taiwan) without issue. However, there is no guarantee where hand luggage is concerned, so best to place it in check-in language.
    • My motherboard has more than 8 holes but you only include 8 push-pins standoffs, why?
      Obviously space, size, and weight was a limitation so we included an appropriate number to ensure sufficient support for any motherboard, even if not all the mounting holes are used. Don’t forget, you can also use the screw type standoffs in combination with the push pin ones.
    • How many drives are supported?
      2 drives, any combination of  2.5” and 3.5”
    • What is the maximum PSU size supported by the BC1?
      The BC1 supports standards ATX PSUs with a maximum depth of 217mm if drives are installed. In vertical mode, this is reduced to 180mm as the gap between both feet is reduced. PSUs of more than 10kg may put excessive stress on the legs so they should be used with caution
    • What is the difference between the Streacom BC1 and Open Benchtable?
      It should be no surprise that they are identical as it was a collaboration. The only difference is that the Open Benchtable ships with a travel sleeve and must be purchased directly from their website.
    • Can I get a customised version of this case made?
      Whilst we are considered in many ways a boutique manufacturer, its not possible for us to produce customised versions of our cases as one-offs or in limited numbers to cater for individual requirements and modifications. We are however able to offer a customisation service for businesses (OEM / ODM) and depending on the product and type of modification, this becomes viable at relatively low volumes.
    • What if I have a question that is not listed?
      If you can’t find the information you need, please send us a message using the ‘Get in Touch’ link at the top right of the page, choose the appropriate department and we will respond with the relevant information.
    We are always here to help!

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