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DA2 V1

The DA2 is a compact ITX case designed to strike a balance between size and compatibility, allowing for high performance components to fit comfortably in a small form factor space.

What truly sets the DA2 apart from other SFF cases is its unique approach to mounting components. It utilizes a rail and bracket system that makes it incredibly versatile, greatly improving the range of hardware and type of systems it can be used for.

Cooling performance was another critical consideration throughout the design process, not only will the DA2 support 145mm tall air coolers or a 280mm radiator, it provides excellent airflow for them to run at maximum efficiency and minimal noise.

The original DA2 (now known as the V1)  launched in 2018 has been superseded by the V2 which can be see here

Version 2 of the DA2 features the same great design and modularity but with refined venting hole patterns on the back and side panels that greatly improve the airflow potential.
For a full breakdown of all the changes, please see the press release.


Form Factor

Small Form Factor (SFF), mini tower, Mini-ITX & Mini-DTX motherboard support

CPU Cooler

145mm maximum height of Tower Cooler


Dual slot, maximum card size of 300 x 150 x 50mm


Support for 120 to 280mm radiators, total thickness of 80mm including fans

Case Fan

200mm max on vertical brackets, 120mm max on horizontal brackets, 92mm on rear panel, fans not included


3.5" & 2.5"
3 x 3.5″ or 8 x 2.5″ per drive bracket or a mix of both,
i.e. 1 x 3.5" + 3 x 2.5"


SFX, SFX-L and ATX (limits expansion card length to 220mm)


Modular I/O
Front USB Type-C 3.0
Optional 3.1 Gen2 cable and
Type-A 3.0 Module


340 x 286 x 180mm
(D x H x W)
17.5ℓ volume


Aluminium 6063 for all outer panels & rails, steel brackets


Sandblast and anodized surface treatment, available in black or silver


Seriously? NO! We feel sad that this has become a spec in the industry 🙁


3.9kg NET
5.1kg GROSS
(packed weight)


EAN: 8718469091287


EAN: 8718469091270



Whilst many would assume that every aluminum case is constructed in the same way, the DA2 utilizes a fundamental different approach to the construction.
The wrap around outer shell is produced from a single sheet of aluminum (nothing new there) but the frame is attached without any rivets of welds allowing for a higher quality sandblast and anodized surface finish compared with the brushed or coated surface more commonly used.


How about this for an idea, a case that considers cooling might actually be more important than RGB lighting. There are of course situations when lighting can work really well to enhance a products aesthetic, but its an unfortunate state when they come at the expense of performance and basic functionality. The DA2 upper and lower openings in the frame are a design aesthetic but they are also there to improve cooling and avoid the issue most cases suffer from, lower intake airflow restriction. That combined with the over 2000 precision holes on the back and side panels, plus the ability to support multiple fans in virtually any location, results in excellent airflow and cooling performance.

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    • Why are no fans included with the case?
      Streacom doesn’t design or manufacture fans and therefor we would simply be sourcing another supplier’s fans and charging you extra for that whilst also forcing our own choice of make and model instead of leaving that to the individual
    • How many dust filter side panel nets are included?
      The DA2 is supplied with a single side dust net, not both sides. The reason being that most configurations will use one side for exhaust and using the net will greatly reduce the airflow. If you do require a second net, they can be purchased directly from us.
    • Can I purchase V2 parts for my V1 case?
      All of the V2 parts are compatible with V1 cases, so yes, you can. Please contact support and let us know what you need.
    • Is it possible to purchase extra brackets?
      Yes, it is possible to purchase additional brackets, just get in touch and we can arrange that.
    • What fans can I mount on the Performance Acrylic Panels
      Any 120 or 140mm fans can be mounted to the panels using the included silicon mounts, but if there is any hardware mounted near the top or bottom of the case, you will need to use slim fans that don’t protrude past the frame, so we would recommend using ultra-slim (13-14mm) 140mm fans. For reference, here are some examples of fans that can be used – Cryorig XT140 Prolima Ultra Vortex 14 Thermalright TY-14013
    • Is it possible to fully remove the acrylic panels to allow larger cards to fit?
      It is possible to fully remove the acrylic panels to allow more space for thicker GPUs. This will also provide better cooling as there is less airflow restriction but at the expense of air filtration.
    • Can I use a 2.5 slot GPU or one that is slightly thicker than 50mm in the DA2?
      The exact space between the PCI-E slot and the lower acrylic panel is 56mm. We give the dimension of 50mm to allow some space for manufacturer tolerance and to allow some space for airflow.
    • What if I have a question that is not listed?
      If you can’t find the information you need, please send us a message using the ‘Get in Touch’ link at the top right of the page, choose the appropriate department and we will respond with the relevant information.
    We are always here to help!

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