FC5 V3
Fanless HTPC / AV Style Case

Designed to complement and match the style of high-end component audio/video equipment, the Streacom FC5 not only looks great but provides a passive CPU cooling solution for the heart of your HTPC system.

The high-grade aluminium construction, with 10mm thick front panel, can house mini-ITX, micro and full ATX motherboards, making a sleek and flexible home theatre solution. Available both with an without an optical bay, the front panel also features a discreet window for an optional IR device. All these features combined make this case a compelling choice for any serious AV setup.

With its super thin 55m profile, premium AV design featuring a 10mm thick precision CNC’d front panel, the FC5 Alpha perfectly compliments any high end home theatre setup.

As with all Alpha revision cases, this update was not just a minor revision but a complete refresh of all the tooling and manufacturing processes use to fabricate the FC5. These shared updates include, upgraded heat pipes and mounts, native USB3.0 ports and a move from blue to a subtle pure white power LED.

Only very minor changes have been made to the appearance, following its predecessors footsteps with the same minimalist styling, the V3 brings even more refinement to this timeless sleek design.

At the heart of these improvements is the updated bottom panel which is not only more robust but has been redesigned to optimize airflow, reducing internal temperatures. Motherboard size and drive storage options also benefit from this new design, with the FC5 Alpha now accommodating an additional 2 x 2.5″ drives and a full size motherboard*1.
USB ports are now located on both sides of the case for easier access and balance.

The V2 AKA ‘Evo’ keeps the same minimalist styling of the original FC5, but incorporates a host of improvements and refinements that keeps this chassis at the cutting edge of design and performance.

Features include, side accessible USB ports, a universal optical drive eject button, refined sandblast finish, and a new top panel design with hidden screws and improved venting.

The hear pipes have been redesign for better thermal transfer and the left side heat sink is now available for additional component cooling*

The original FC5 (now known as the V1)  launched in 2011 has been superseded by both the V2 and V3.


Form Factor

AV component width, desktop with ATX, M-ATX and ITX motherboard support


Nano & ZF
ZF240 (see FAQ) or Nano type PSU (external AC + DC PCB)

CPU Cooling

65W Recommended TDP


Single-slot, maximum length of 180mm with FC5 Optical Version.


3.5" & 2.5"
Maximum of 3 x 3.5″ or 6 x 2.5″ depending on hardware


FC5 OPT version only,
12.7mm slot loading drive

I/O Ports

2 x USB-A
USB Type-A 3.0
One on each side panel

IR Support

Front Panel IR Window, Support for Flirc Module


435* x 331 x 70mm
(D x H x W)
*Front panel is 450mm


4.2kg NET
5.5kg GROSS
(packed weight)


All main parts are Extruded & Milled Aluminium 6063


Sandblast and anodized surface treatment, available in black or silver


EAN: 8718469090907

EAN: 8718469090884


EAN: 8718469090914

EAN: 8718469090891


Every aspect of the FC5 is focused on quality, from the front panel, which is made from a precision milled 10mm thick solid bar, to the extruded side panels. In fact every part of the FC5 is made from 6063 grade aluminium and finished with a premium sandblasted and anodised surface treatment.
Designed with AV equipment in mind, with fanless (no noise) cooling subtle styling and illumination, optional optical drive and IR support, all wrapped in a beautiful premium aluminium sandblasted finish, the FC5 is the ideal platform for a discreet and stylish HTPC system.
Even though the FC5 is a mere 70mm tall, is can still accommodate a FULL ATX motherboard and provides up to 87W of CPU cooling from its adjustable heat pipe solution. For those who still have a big DVD or Blu-Ray library, there is an optical bay version that supports 12.7mm slot loading drives.
With support for a combination of ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX, power from Nano DC to DC and ZF240 internal PSUs and 2.5″, 3.5″ and Optical drives, there FC5 offers an excellent variety of hardware support and configuration.

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    • What size gap is there between the heat pipes and motherboard? (for small components to pass under)
      As part of the cooler assembly, the heat pipes will pass over the motherboard to reach the side panel (heat sink). This means there can not be any tall components between the CPU and heat sink side of the case, however, there is an allowance for low-profile components on the motherboard. The actual gap is approximately 12mm but we suggest that any component under the heat pipe be 10mm or less.
    • Is the ZF240 compatible with the FC5 Optical?
      Whilst the FC5 and FC5 OPT are similar, the addition of the optical drive and its location in the case means there is some interference with the ZF240, specifically the ATX power cables as they exit towards the drive bay. Whilst it is possible to overcome this interference with some careful cable routing and adjustments to the position of the PSU, it is not a straightforward installation and should only be undertaken if you are comfortable with DIY. It may also require a short or angled SATA connector for the optical drive, for example - External Link To reiterate, that there is no such issue with the standard FC5 and installation of the ZF240 does not have the issue detailed above.
    • Is it possible to rack mount (19 inch) the FC5 ?
      The FC5 is based on AV equipment width which is why appears to be a good match for 19-inch rack mounting however it has not specifically been designed for that purpose and lacks any features that would make it suitable for rack mounting. Whilst we do not provide any hardware to achieve this, it might be possible to utilise some existing rack mounting hardware to achieve this. It is also important to consider the cooling which will be adversely affected if placing the FC5 in a closed cabinet, so any potential solution should also consider the need for adequate airflow to the side panels (heat sink)
    • I can not close the FC5 top panel because the 19PIN USB cable is too tall, what should I do?
      On motherboards which have upward facing 19PIN USB header connectors, it is common for the cable to conflict with the top panel. We have done our best to minimize this by selecting a low profile connector that complies with the USB3.0 standard, but as the FC5 is only 55mm high (internally) the cable does still interfere with the top panel. The cable itself is flexible and users should be able to overcome the problem by bending the cable.

      An alternative workaround is to purchase a 90-degree adapter that will change the orientation of the cable. Note that you will need to select the correct orientation depending on the design of the motherboard
    • Will using the ZF240 with this case limit the motherboard size?
      Yes, the ZF240 is different from our NanoPSUs which don't occupy space outside of the motherboard. If you are planning to use the ZF240, please check the impact it will have on motherboard size here - ZF240 - Fanless PSU (under the usage tab)
    • Can I use a 'passive' cooled GPU in this case?
      There are a number of graphics cards on the market that are marketed as fanless and use integrated heat sinks to provide passing cooling for the GPU. The issue with these cards is that they are designed for use with 'typical' cases and depend on airflow from active cooling provided by the other fans installed in the case. As our cases tend to be very compact and do not provide any forced airflow, passive cards should not be used as they will likely overheat. If you do want to install a discreet GPU in a passively cooled case, it should be one that has specifically been designed for GPU cooling (such as the DB4), or modified to provide GPU cooling via the case heat sink.
    • What is the size and coverage area of the CPU mount
      The stock CPU mount supplied with the case is 56 x 56mm. Depending on the arm orientation, it can adapt to cooler mounting holes that are 80-90mm apart. The stock mount can not be used with CPUs that have cooler mounting holes less than 60mm apart.
    • How do I know if a motherboard is compatible with the heat pipes?
      There are really only 3 key points to check in order to determine if a motherboard is going to be compatible with the heat pipes (passive case cooling) .....
      1. CPU socket location - this is less of an issue these days as most motherboards have similar socket locations (other than thin-ITX) and as the heat pipes do have some adjustment, most motherboard will comply with this.
      2. CPU socket type - this should be one of the standard desktop sockets, not an embedded or server one type that will either be too small or too large for the CPU cooler mount.
      3. Component placement - probably the most common reason for a motherboard to not be compatible is the placement of components that might block the path of the heat pipes. Typically this will be VRM cooling heat sinks or plugs, but its easy to evaluate as there should be a clear path for the heat pipes to pass from the CPU socket to the side of the case (heat sink).
        Additional heat pipes are available for some cases to allow for different locations and the HT4 can be used to raise the heat pipes above some components
      1. LH4 - Compatible with the FC5, FC9, FC10
      2. SH8, MH1 - Compatible with the FC8
      3. HT4 - Compatible with the FC8*, FC9, FC10
      If you are unsure, just get in touch, send us a link to the motherboard you are considering and we will confirm its compatible.
    • Is it safe to use a CPU with the same maximum specified case TDP?
      In the past, CPU TDP was a measure of the maximum required cooling performance of a cooler to maintain the normal operating temperature of the CPU. With the advent of performance "boosting" technologies, the specified TDP is no longer an accurate representation of the required cooling performance, but more a baseline reference. When these technologies are enabled, CPUs can boost well above the specified TDP rating and they try to take advantage of thermal overheads. It is therefore important when choosing a CPU for a fanless case to consider the actual maximum TDP that the CPU can output. Wherever possible, aim for a CPU TDP that is below the case TDP rating or consider BIOS settings that will limit the CPU to the maximum TDP supported by the case.
    • What CPU sockets are compatible with the case?
      The current CPU mount supplied with the case features adjustable arms that are compatible with the majority of current desktop sockets
      Intel® Socket
      • LGA775
      • LGA1366
      • LGA1155/6
      • LGA1150/1
      • LGA1200
      • LGA 2011-3*
      • LGA1700
      AMD® Socket
      • AM2 & 2+
      • AM3 & 3+
      • FM1
      • FM2
      • AM1
      • AM4
        Older units (pre-2019)
      Intel® Socket
      • LGA775
      • LGA1366
      • LGA1155/6
      • LGA1150/1
        AMD® Socket
      • AM1*1
      AMD® Socket
      • AM2 & 2+
      • AM3 & 3+
      • FM1
      • FM2
      • AM4*2
    • You used to have a system build guide to help with compatibility, where can I find it?
      The FAQ section has been designed to replace that will allow us to more frequently update customers with any information that is useful. If there is anything missing, just let us know and we will add it.
    • Can I place a monitor on top of the case?
      Yes, the top panel can support a monitor up to 20kg in weight, just be careful not to scratch the surface :p
    • Can I use a 9mm thick slot loading drive with this case ?
      The optical drive bracket has been designed specifically for use with 12.7mm thick drives, so whilst it might be possible to attach it in some way, officially it is not supported.
    • Can I get a customised version of this case made?
      Whilst we are considered in many ways a boutique manufacturer, its not possible for us to produce customised versions of our cases as one-offs or in limited numbers to cater for individual requirements and modifications. We are however able to offer a customisation service for businesses (OEM / ODM) and depending on the product and type of modification, this becomes viable at relatively low volumes.
    • What if I have a question that is not listed?
      If you can't find the information you need, please send us a message using the 'Get in Touch' link at the top right of the page, choose the appropriate department and we will respond with the relevant information.

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