FLIRC-SE – Adaptive IR Receiver

The FLIRC-SE (Streacom Edition) brings you all the amazing features of FLIRC, but in a package designed to fit inside Streacom cases and with the additional advantage of power on from S4/S5 power states*.

For those of you who don’t know, FLIRC is the #1 solution for PC IR control and incredibly easy and flexible to use. FLIRC learns virtually any IR remote, not caring about different vendor protocols or codes. No need to look up the remote model, just walk through the super simple software setup, pairing individual remote buttons with keyboard/actions on the PC and you’re done. This also allows you to fully customize which button are used for what function and more importantly means you can use your existing remote control instead of having to purchase a dedicated one.

The software runs on Windows, Linux and OSX, and since the GUI was designed with QT, its uniform across all platforms. All remote pairing information is stored on the FLIRC itself, meaning that even if you wipe your system, you won’t need to repeat the pairing procedure.

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OS Compatibility: Windows XP – 10, Linux, OSX
IR Range: 10 Meters Max
IR Frequency: 38kHz
Connectors: 1 x USB (4PIN), 1 x Power Switch (2+2PIN)
Max Number of Stored Keys: 160
Dimensions: 22 x 48 x 13mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 5g Excluding Cables
Special Features: Power On from Off (S4/S5) state*

* Requires power to USB when off (in S4/S5 State), see motherboard specification for support of this feature
All the latest software is available directly from the Flirc downloads page.
Coming Soon!
We recommend checking the forum on Flirc for any technical issues or advice on customizing Flirc. There is also a support page that covers most of the common questions asked.