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Thermal Riser

The Streacom HT4 thermal riser has been designed to be used in conjunction with our FC series cases in order to expand motherboard compatibility by raising the heat pipes above conflicting components.

Compatible with the FC9, FC10 and FC8 V3 chassis, the HT4 mounts directly to the CPU IHS, improving performance thanks to heat pipe direct touch and providing an additional 32mm of clearance above the CPU.


  • Can this be used to pass the heat pipes over VRM heat sinks on the motherboard?
    The HT4 will give an additional 37mm of clearance from the top of the CPU, so depending on the height of the VRM cooling, it is possible.
  • Can this be used to pass over RAM modules?
    If the RAM modules are low profile, less than 30mm in height, it should be possible.
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