Nano 120
Ultra Compact Fanless PSU

Designed to provide silent ATX power for ultra compact form factor computing, the Nano120 fanless PSU fits perfectly into all Streacom cases but can also be used as a silent PSU solution for any low power ATX system.

As with all NANO style power supplies, its comprised of a 2 part solution, an external AC to DC adapter and an internal DC to DC board. This allows for incredibly compact builds as the bulk of the power supply is external and can be placed somewhere discreet. It also has the benefit of reducing the amount of heat being dumped inside the case, something that is beneficial for fanless builds.

Featuring 120W* of combined total power output, under & over output power protection, short safety protection, and connections for ATX24, SATA, IDE and 4PIN CPU power, the Nano120 is the natural choice for any SFF or quiet system. The Nano120 also fully complies with low power (LVDS, ERP/EUP) requirements and with 87% + efficiency provides a good balance of size, performance, heat and power consumption.


AC Adapter
  • Input Power 100-264V AV

    Global Power Range, AC 50/60Hz

  • Max Power Output 120W @ 12V

    Peak Wattage, 120W Sustained

  • Active Average Efficiency >87%

    Level V Rating

  • Zero Load Power Consumption ≤0.35W

    ErP Compliant

  • Ripple <120mV

    Measured on DC Line

  • Power Factor Correction >9

    Active PFC Design

  • Safety Certification Multiple


  • AC Input Connector C14

    C13 Power Lead, CEE 7/4 Included

  • Output Connector 5.5 x 2.5mm Jack

    Barrel Type, Cable Length 1.2M

  • Enclosure Dimensions 168 x 71 x 38mm

    L x W x H, ABS Plastic Housing

  • Weight 740g

    NET, Including DC Cable

DC to DC 24PIN ATX Module
  • Input Voltage 12V DC

    Regulated, Rated at 13A

  • Input Connector 5.5mm Jack

    Circular Panel Mount

  • Input Cable Length 400mm

    Soldered Directly to PCB

  • 24PIN ATX x 1

    Integrated onto the PCB

  • 4PIN CPU x 1

    250mm Length (can be used with 8PIN)

  • SATA x 2

    Cable Length 250mm + 130mm

  • MOLEX x 1

    On Same Cable as SATA +130mm

  • Dimensions 54 x 33 x 18mm

    PCB Only (L x H x W), including ATX 24PIN

  • Weight 55g

    NET, including Cables

Other Information

- 13.2
Ripple (mV)


  • Can I use my own AC Adapter with the DC to DC Converter?
    In principle yes, as long as the AC adapter is of suitable quality, outputs the same regulated 12V DC output and at the required current rating, it can be used .
  • The PSU only has a 4PIN AUX CPU Power connector but my motherboard has an 8PIN, what should I do?
    The main reason for the 8PIN compared with the 4PIN AUX CPU Power connector is to supply more current to the CPU. For most motherboards, the terminals actually connect to the same power lines, the connections are just doubled to overcome the connectors power limit. On the majority of motherboards, it won’t make a difference and the system will still boot and function normally with only the 4PIN connected. The 8PIN would only be required for overclocking stability or high TDP CPUs (above 75W). As our power supplies have been designed for lower power systems, they would not exceed the maximum power that a single 4PIN connector could supply, which is why we don’t currently produce a power supply with an 8PIN connector. If the motherboard does fail to boot, it is possible to use a splitter (4PIN to 8PIN) or a Molex to 4PIN in order to provide the 8PIN power for the motherboard.
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