Nano150 Fanless PSU

Designed to provide silent ATX power in impossibly small spaces, the Nano150 fits perfectly into all Streacom cases but can also be used as a silent PSU solution for any case.

Featuring 150W* of total power output, under & over output power protection, short safety protection, and connections for ATX24, SATA, IDE and 4PIN CPU power, the Nano150 is the natural choice for any SFF or quiet system.
Nano150 Max Power Output: 150W*
Nano150 Input Power: 12V DC, 12.5A
Nano150 Output Connectors: 1 x 24PIN ATX, 2 x SATA, 1 x IDE, 1 x 4PIN CPU
Nano150 Internal Input Power Cable Length: 400mm
Adapter Input Power: 110-240V AC
Adapter Input Connector: C6 (requires C5 plug)
Adapter Output Connector: 5.5×2.5mm DC Jack Adapter DC Cable Length: 1.2M
Adapter Dimensions: 171 x 87 x 48mm (LxWxH)
Nano150 Dimensions: 54 x 24(33**) x 18mm (WxHxD) ** including connector
Special Features: OPP, UPP, Short Protection, Compatible with Haswell C6 & C7 Power Sates

* When choosing components ensure that the total power requirement is not greater than 150W. Please check individual component power requirements and total all components used in the system.
For example, CPU 65W, Motherboard 45W, SSD 10W, Total = 130W
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We are currently aware of compatibility issues with the following motherboards and the Nano150 should be avoided if planning to use them:

Gigabyte Z170N-WIFI